10 Lesser-Known Tricks to Instantly Improve Your Mental Happiness

Often it feels like one’s inner emotions are on a runaway train, completely out of control and racing to wreck every plan you’d set out for the day. But while it may be true that there’s no magic wand of happiness, you can still take tiny actions to slightly direct the wheels, veering away from the depression spiral and building an relief route, step by step. Start by trying these 10 tricks which are proven to enhance your mood instantaneously.

1. Spend Your Money on Someone Else
Whether a friend at the vending machine or a homeless stranger outside your local supermarket, helping someone else can refuel you with a warm feeling of usefulness and positivity. What’s more, your social connections will improve, you’ll experience a sense of gratitude for what you already have, and these selfless acts tend to have a way of spreading.

2. Surround Yourself with Bright Colors
Feeling blue? Is your whole world gray? Are you having a black Monday? Different colors trigger contrasting neurological responses, and so look for ways to blast your line of vision with intense vibrancy. Flowers are an excellent approach, painting your bedroom walls are another, or why not get changed into your flashiest outfit? With this simple fashion alteration, the scope of the world may brighten for you and your day will be effortlessly more fun.

3. Sit Up Straight
Mommy had a point! When you work on your bad posture (especially during office hours), you are not only doing your spine, neck, and wrists a professionally recognized favor, but you are also improving your mental health at the same. A slouched position is a reflection of doubt and defensiveness, and so by sitting tall, you will trick your brain into feeling confident and dominant. This shift in body language will alter your colleagues’ perception of you too!

4. Clear the Clutter
Your surroundings are a loud echo of your current mental state. An overwhelming amount of unread emails? Littered desk? A chaotic filing system? Simply by getting on top of these small annoyances, your brain will feel organized too, as you bask in the triumphant sensation of achievement. Plus, it’s interesting how much more productive you are when you can actually find things!

5. Sing in the Shower
The benefits of this action are two-fold. Singing itself is a release which encourages healthy breathing techniques and a firm posture, whilst kicking the creative brain into top gear. On the other side, a shower can relax your body, relieve stress, and give your skin that fresh look to start your day with. Who cares what the neighbors think?

6. Talk to Nature
This suggestion may seem ridiculous because it is. Sharing a joke with a plant or pointing out images in the clouds might appear a little crazy to an observer, but these silly activities will pull your brain out of the seriousness of the world, and your body out of those constricting four walls. This point also provides free exercise through walking, the peace of nature, and a fresh lungful of oxygen, which will liven your spirits within minutes.

7. Eat Bananas
Depression can often stems in part from a chemical imbalance, especially when you are lacking serotonin, and that’s where bananas come in. They are rich in amino acid tryptophan, which your body converts into serotonin, all the while they rejuvenate your energy, regulate your blood sugar, minimize PMS suffering, support digestion, look funny, and taste delicious!

8. Ask Someone out on a Date
Does this suggestion fill you with fear? Good! Whatever it is that’s currently upsetting you, you can quickly uproot it by dumping a bucket full of adrenaline all over it. The blood will rush through your system, your heart rate will increase, and you’ll feel truly alive in that moment. No matter what their response, you will have already forgotten your previous concerns in a flash.

9. Shake People’s Hands
Sometimes all you need is a bit of human contact, so instead of your regular automated morning greetings, go the extra mile and touch people in the most work appropriate manner possible: by shaking their hand. It’s an easy way to build trusted connections with non-sexual intimacy, but if people seem apprehensive, simply laugh it off as a “new thing you’re trying”.

10. Watch Cat Videos Online
If all else fails, seek immediate relief with funny YouTube videos. Laughter wipes out depression by lowering stress, releasing both oxytocin and dopamine, as well as bringing you into the moment by distracting you from your issues. Furthermore, as laughter is the international language of overflowing positivity, you will appear more approachable and attractive to passersby, as they are drawn to your contagious glee.


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