10 Tips to Cut Down your Calories during this Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights is considered to be the traditional and preferred occasion celebrated all around the world by every religion with different customs and traditions. Many things make Diwali special in which sweets, desserts play a significant role.

Diwali festivals and celebrations start one week before, people used to start planning for decorating their home with unique ideas refreshes their home by eliminating the old items and bringing up new things. Get fireworks from some reputed manufacturers or crackers online Sivakasi as it’s the place where most of the original and best quality fireworks are manufactured.

Adding up colorful wall hangings, torans and other attractive accessories on the day of Diwali will provide a unique and fascinating look. There would be no one who fails to consume at least few of the sweets and oil items prepared specially for the Diwali Celebrations.

The desserts and sweets can add up more weight and calories to your body. Do not worry, here are some of the ways you can follow to cut down the calories you consumed during the festive celebrations.

Once in a Blue Moon

There are chances for slapping if anyone said you to cut down sweet on the day of Diwali, you can stick to one small bowl or a smaller piece of sweet rather than going with multiple items so that not many calories get added to your body.

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is important for stopping you from overeating, drinking more water during the festive season can stop you consuming more items at a single intake. This will help you to stay full and therefore no chance for calories to add up to your body.

Homemade Sweets with low calories Ingredients

Mithai, when purchased from the store, will have over sweetness and high in fat as it is blended with different kinds of artificial flavors, in this case, there are high chances for fat to get added. You can consume sweets that are made at home with the help of low-calorie ingredients.

Take advantage of jaggeries instead of white sugar to make sweets; you can also stick to natural sugar substitutes that are available in the market. Bajra, ragi, jowar, etc. have fewer calories and are also healthier ones to make tasty and yummy laddoos.

Prefer to use low-fat milk, soy or cow’s milk instead of whole milk for making delicious sweets and these things are high in fiber and protein and therefore fewer calories.

Self Control

It’s good you eat before you head out, this will ensure you in stop going behind the yummy and tasteful sweets that comes your way. The primary goal of this trick is not to starve, but you can try out some healthy oats chila and other similar items, This thing can make you do your exercise better.

Say no to Chai

Consuming the tea that is made of sugar and milk indulges more than 40 calories, and therefore you should say no to chai or coffee!

Intake more Fiber Rich Food Items

Get to Fiber items usually as this can help you to stop gaining more calories also helps in staying full all time. Consume more amount of whole grains, lentils, and vegetables. On the day of Diwali, it’s usual to intake sweets, and fried food items to cut down things like rice and chappathi.

Watch your Food Portion Intake

Even those persons who stay on a diet get tempted on this Diwali and other similar celebrations. They will not be able to control what they eat and forget about the quantity they are consuming. It’s important to watch your portion sizes while intaking this high calorie indulged sweets and friends items. Stick to small plates as there are researchers that larger plates serving can add you calories.

Wise pick of Drinks

Without parties, Diwali would be incomplete. Its usual you raise at least a glass of alcohol to enjoy the Diwali occasion. Think before you drink as these are made of starch and fermenting sugar, therefore high chances of adding up calories. Do you know that 12-ounce glass of beer can add you 150 calories and 1.5 ounce shot of rum, gin, vodka, tequila or whiskey can add up 100 calories.

Go with Nuts

On festive seasons, prefer to choose up sweets that indulge more dry fruits as walnuts and almonds are good for your health.

Cut down Talks during eating

There are high chances for overeating when you are chatting with friends and family while you are consuming food. It’s good if you cut down talking, few your food five to ten minutes and then swallows which would help you to stop adding more calories.

Workouts can help in reducing the calories you gain on this Diwali Celebrations and other festive seasons. Cycling every day can assist in shedding calories faster.

Indulging in your favorite food is essential with a look over the quantity! Have a delicious, healthy and Yummy Diwali!

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