3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself With Tegaderm

The need to take care of yourself cannot be overemphasized. Most of a man’s most treasured inventions are those that serve to protect people in one way or another. This is what makes tegaderm a highly valued health product. The transparent film dressing product does an excellent job of protecting your wounds from germs and helping to hasten your healing process. Tegaderm is very easy and pretty straightforward to use. It comes in small packs that can be carried along throughout the day. A few ways in which you effectively put Tegaderm to use include:


  • Apply tegaderm in the right way


Tegaderm is no different from other medical products in that its effectiveness depends on the correct application. Before you apply the product, clean your wound using clean saline water. Remember not to use hot water. After you wound is cleanly washed, allow it to dry. You can dry it faster using a gauze. Again, remember never to use cotton to dry your wound. If you do not have a gauze, do not sweat it. Just allow the wound time to dry. Apply tegaderm on your wound only after the wound is washed and dry. It is best if you wash your hands and dry them before removing the paper on the back of the dressing. You should then apply the dressing on the wound such that you can see the wound through the window, and lastly remove the window frame from the top that surrounds the film.


  • Use the product for the specified duration


Once you have tegaderm correctly applied onto the wound, be sure to put it on for the right amount of time. Removing the product before the specified time can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the product, and this will mean your wound will take longer to heal. If your wound is a skinned elbow, scraped knee, or any other wounds of a similar nature, you can leave the product till it falls off. You can then replace the product with another one. Thankfully, you can buy tegaderm in large numbers at a cheap cost, making it possible for you to have a stock of some sort. Suppose your wound is a tattoo, consult your artist to know how long you will need to use this product as covering.


  • Rely on tegaderm for the correct uses only


The product, like any other, has its limitations. This is to say that you can only use tegaderm and get positive results when you use it for the right purpose. Therefore, before you use tegaderm, be sure that the nature of your injury warrants its use. In case you are uncertain, feel free to consult your physician. Do not use tegaderm on wounds that may need stitching. Also, if the bone is visible after an injury, see a health care provider. Using tegaderm on such wounds will make them worse rather than better, calling for the need to care of yourself by applying the product in the right situation.      

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