4 Helpful fitness tools to have in your home gym

The routine and discipline of being fit is hard. The reason is not that of laziness but because we live in such a rush. Even if we subscribe to a gym and really have the commitment to go, there is always something in our way that makes us skip it. Instead, what many people choose to do is to have their own basic but helpful gym at home. This is a great option for people that have to spend a long time in an office because once home, it is hard to go out again, immediately. It is much easier to have your own gym and exercise at your own rhythm. If you are wanting to do this yourself, you have to carefully pick the equipment and tools that you will have in your home gym, as they have to be functional and space conscious – almost as good as if you were attending the gym! Here are some great options to consider when purchasing the necessary equipment for your home gym:

  1. Kettlebell:  This type of weight helps you to do a functional training of lifting. They are good to use as a traditional weight and can also be combined to be used as if you were lifting a bar. You can have a full weight lifting routine with them and they are easily found at health/fitness stores. Besides the functionality, they save space in the room because you don’t need a rack to store them. As an added bonus, they are not particularly expensive.
  2. Wooden gymnastic rings: You definitely don’t need to be a gymnastics pro to use these! You can use these rings to do many upper body exercises, like pull-ups and muscle ups. They also help you with progressive exercises if you are not very fit, so that you can reach soon your goals quicker. Make sure you secure them to a solid surface to avoid injury. As with every exercise, training has to be taken slowly and carefully to avoid hurting yourself.
  3. Med Balls: Very useful for abs, sit-up exercises and leg and arm strength. You can find different types, weights and sizes, each of them with their own use. A fitness professional can help determine the weight and size that is best for you. Be sure to let them know your objectives, so they can recommend one that will deliver the best results for you.
  4. TRX strings: This tool is gaining popularity, as it helps you to train using your body weight. TRX delivers great results in look and performance. The equipment for this discipline is just two hanging strings. They can be from the ceiling or in a metallic structure. The materials are very resistant and a great option for having at home, as little space is required and installation is easy. Using them is not the easiest but with time, you will dominate.

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