4 Hot fitness routines to try before the end of the year

Health and fitness should be one of the top considerations in your schedule. Learn to dedicate some spare time and focus on fitness routines. With other options like going out for pizza with your friends or going for a walk, concentrating on working out might be hard. However, with the rising trend of new fitness routines comes the high demand for classes that offer workouts for fitness lovers.

Knowing the best fitness routines to sign up for can be difficult. Find classes that are worth your time, effort and money. Four of the hottest fitness routines with innovative workouts that are fun and deliver great results include

1. Team Workouts

Team fitness workouts are a great way to exercise and keep fit. Get involved with other people in classes that help you strengthen and build muscles, burns calories, and bond with them. New classes are emerging with the workout exercies relying on excitement and teamwork motivation. This makes the fitness routines fun, motivates the participants producing great results.

Some studios divide participants into teams that complete workout sessions formed from games such as flip cup. Other studios have different forms of group training activities such as Pure Barre or SoulCycle. A more individualized approach to fitness routines that involves teamwork is through indoor cycling workouts. The participants are divided into groups that compete for the highest overall energy output. You can also track your own personal statistics on your bike. Group training is also cheaper as compared to individual training.

2. Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is not only for self-defense purposes but for physical fitness as well. You can build valuable skills through training and benefit from mixed martial arts. Baltimore Maryland Mixed Martial Arts Gym offers various classes which include adult martial arts, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, competition and fight team, and kids martial arts. Sign up and learn mma from experienced professional martial arts instructors.


3. Yoga

Yoga is a hot fitness routine with numerous benefits to the body. With most classes focused on the mind and using breathing to increase energy and focus, yoga is a great choice for relaxation. Yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility as the participant moves between different poses with the combination of slow music in the background.

Yoga has many different styles with each style having its own benefits which include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power yoga, Kundalini, Anusara, Bikram, Restorative, Yin, and Jivamukti. Find a certified yoga instructor that will take you through the different styles and decide on the best fit for you according to your needs.

4. Pound

This is a fitness routine that makes use of drumsticks known as Ripstix. The routines incorporated are simple and set of songs with a simple rhythm to follow. It involves a full body cardio workout. Pilates and isometric movements such as twists, stretches, squats, and lunges are performed while drumming. Participants can burn up to 900 calories within 45 minutes.

Classes for fitness routines are available in many places. You can have fun and maintain a healthy body with simple workouts that combine cardio and strength. Find a program that suits you, enroll, get ready to sweat and keep fit.

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