5 Features you should look for when investing in a new duffle bag

With the new year comes resolutions. Most people will commit to a resolution that entails losing weight or taking care of oneself. Starting a fitness routine at the beginning of the new year is something that many choose to take on. One way to do so and be successful in your endeavor is to get organized. Making sure that you have workout clothes that fit and are comfortable is an important step as it will make you want to go to the gym. If you don’t have clothes that fit or you dislike them, you will probably try to avoid the gym. In addition, if you are not organized and you have to search for your shoes and workout gear before you can go to the gym, you may avoid doing so altogether. One of the best ways to stay organized is to have a gym duffel bag designated specifically for the gym. This article will highlight some of the features that you should look for when investing in a new gym bag.


  • Pockets. When investing in a new duffle bag, make sure that you find one that has ample amount of pockets. Having a good amount of pockets will help you organize your belongings. Some duffle bags are equipped with waterproof lining pockets which makes it great if you plan to swim when you are at the gym.



  • Waterproof. If you choose to invest in a duffle bag that you think you will bring with you to the pool or other areas that may have water, you will want to look for a waterproof feature. Having a waterproof bag can be clutch when you want to keep your items dry.



  • Zipper area for your ID and other important items. In addition to having pockets, it is nice to have an area of your bag that has a zipper closure. The zipper closure will allow you to keep your ID, keys, and other important documents in a spot that is easily accessible but won’t fall out should you jostle the bag around.



  • Keyholder. Have you ever gone to the gym only to find that you are unable to locate your keys after you worked out? This can cause some anxiety if you are unsure of where you put your keys. One of the great features in a duffle bag is that there can be an area that is designated just for keys. Some bags have a clip attached to the bag that allows for you to easily attach your keys to it so that you can find them in a moment’s notice.



  • Space for shoes. One feature that is rare and can be hard to find is a space specifically for shoes. Some bags provide a compartment area for you to place your shoes. This is helpful as it keeps your clothes and other personal items from getting dirty by the soles of your shoes.



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