5 Reasons to visit Sydney this year

Sydney is one of the hottest places to visit if you want to go exploring new places and cities. The land down under is popular for its amazing beaches, gastronomically enticing palettes, and family friendly attractions. It’s the place to be if you’re craving for nature but don’t want to feel too withdrawn from the city.

  1. It has awesome beaches

Ready your beach bodies because you’re not leaving Sydney without experiencing its wide and pristine beaches. A lot of the world’s best beaches are sitting right in Sydney. You can do a coastal walk along Bondi beach, or watch the sunrise at Manly beach. Being one of the most diverse cities in the world, you will never feel awkward being a tourist here. The place doesn’t discriminate by weight if you go to the beach, so no need to go for a liposuction before trotting down the sands of Bondi! You’re very welcome to do whatever you want, whether it be skinny dipping, surfing, scuba diving, or just plain waddling around.

  1. They serve amazing food

There’s nothing to skip about Australian cuisine, especially if you’re in Sydney. Grab some fish and chips by the beach, or order a lamb leg roast from their finest restaurants. If you haven’t tried the fad that is cronuts, it’s still alive at Brewtown Newtown and it’s delicious. For your sweet tooth, try Blackstar Pastry’s crowd favorites – strawberry and watermelon cake.

Sydney fish market is a place you don’t want to skip. It’s the best place to get some fresh oysters, and is home to famous seafood restaurants Fisherman’s Wharf and Deep Seafood Cafe. The Grounds of Alexandria, dubbed as the mother of all cafes, is another must visit in Sydney. It’s super aesthetically pleasing and even has a garden and a mini farm.

  1. It offers a stunning panorama

Sydney offers a stunning panorama that’s hard to miss. The beautiful harbor, the winding beaches, the towering skyscrapers, Syndey’s beauty cannot be contained in a square. If you want to capture amazing panoramic views, try going to Sydney ferries. Jumping aboard one of the public ferries will give you an amazing view of their harbor. Do this at Circular Quay and enjoy the view of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. North Head National Park is another place to get an awesome view of the rocky coastline and idyllic blur of towering buildings from afar.

  1. It’s definitely family friendly

Lucky for you, Sydney is home to hundreds of family-friendly places you can take your kids to. If you have teenagers with you, you’re going to enjoy shopping in Queen Victoria Building and Strand Arcade. Enjoy the holidays by visiting The Australian Museum, Jamberoo Aquatic Amusement Park, and the Blue Mountains. And if you enjoy being close to nature, The Royal Botanic Garden is a great place to explore.

  1. You’ll never get bored

So you see, there’s an abundance of things to do in Sydney and for sure you’ll never get bored. From the beaches, to the food, and down to family-friendly places, Sydney has got you covered. There are so many popular attractions that will surely complete your bucket list. There’s the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor, Bondi Beach, and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

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