5 Tips for Finding the Best Parkour Gloves

Parkour is a very demanding sport. It requires strength, agility, speed and mental focus. It is a sport that requires you to use your hands most of the time and especially while you attempt to go through the various obstacles. While experienced players prefer using bare hands for that natural feel, you may need some parkour gloves if you are new to the sport. Specialized parkour gloves will enhance your grip, allow proper movement and protect your hands in case you fall. Finding a good pair, though, isn’t always as easy. We’ll give you tips on what to consider when you go out looking for one. Read on to find the best glove for parkour here.

  1. Fingerless vs Full-Finger

These gloves come in different shapes, designs and sizes. The two primary designs are those with full fingers and those that are fingerless. A lot of parkour participants prefer the fingerless gloves. They say that it gives them more control and grip especially when lifting themselves over an obstacle. Fingerless gloves also aerate preventing your hand from getting sweaty. When your hands get sweaty, they can cause the glove to slip interfering with your balance and grip. Ensure that you go for thin gloves to allow your fingers complete freedom. Full finger gloves are ideal in cold climates and will give you better protection, but limit your movement.

  1. Weight of the Gloves

These gloves come in different sizes. Men and women gloves are made differently. Women gloves are a bit smaller and lighter than men’s considering that on average, men weigh more and are a bit stronger than women (not to say that women are weak). Even when selecting gloves from one gender, consider the size of your hands as well as your body strength. Don’t take gloves that will wear your down quickly. You need all the strength you’ve got to get through the obstacles.

  1. Material of the Gloves

When participating in parkour, you will pass through different obstacles. Some of them will be soft and others very rough. The idea is to try and create an ideal situation where you are escaping from an adversary not knowing what to meet. Your gloves should thus be made of tough material like leather that won’t wear out fast. Leather gloves not only cushion you from cuts, but also give you a good grip.

  1. Flexibility

A lot of parkour enthusiasts claim that gloves limit your flexibility and speed. Most prefer not to wear gloves and instead go all out with bare hands. However, this can be dangerous especially if you’re not used to this sport. Gloves can limit your flexibility if they are just ordinary gloves and not specialized for parkour. Go fit into some and feel your hand in them to see those that allow your hand to move freely and get those. You won’t see any limitation in terms of movement as when without gloves.

  1. Check out online reviews

One of the best ways to find the best Parkour gloves is to read online reviews. There are many reviews out there that critique Parkour gloves based on customer experiences. To get value for your money, go for gloves that have good ratings on multiple review platforms.


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