5 Tips to Buying a Knee Sleeve


Professional athletes know how important it is to protect the knees from injury and trauma caused by the increased strain that competition brings. Recreational sports, daily exercise or gym workouts might also pose a risk for your knees, especially if you’ve had problems with your knees in the past.

Conditions such as tendinitis, for example, may require that you protect your knee from stress while exercising. This is one of the main reasons why many people choose a knee sleeve to protect their knee and prevent and/or reduce pain.  

Here’s everything that you need to know before buying the best knee sleeve for you.


Knee sleeves are designed to protect your knee from injuries as well as reduce pain, as well as the risk of a new injury. However, there are different levels of protection, depending on how much support the knee requires. On the other hand, more protection and thicker sleeve generally limit the movement so it’s used only after recovering from major injuries.

There are three levels of protection (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm), depending on the thickness of the knee sleeve. Level one protection is best suited for extended activities as it doesn’t restrict movement and enables basic protection.


Dealing with knee pain can be a very long and difficult process that could seriously hamper your activities or professional sporting career. From this reason, knee sleeves come in different sizes and offer varying degrees of support and comfort.

Keep in mind that you need to choose the model that offers the best support but is also comfortable to wear at the same time.

You should also take into consideration how easy the sleeve is to put on and how it can fit under your clothes.


Obviously, we all want to get the best possible product for our money. A knee sleeve should not only provide support, relieve pain and prevent the possibility or new injuries but also be durable and made of quality materials. Our knees are particularly vulnerable to stress so you will want maximum protection and durability.

When looking for best knee sleeves make sure they provide optimal durability.   


As we said earlier, 3mm sleeves are ideal for people who want basic support and protection. Because they are less thick, 3mm sleeves are more comfortable and easier to wear and won’t have an impact on your movement.

But if you’re looking for better protection or you’re recovering from an injury, you should consider thicker sleeves.

5mm provides a good combination of protection and mobility which is why it’s considered the most suitable thickness.


Most knee sleeves are relatively inexpensive and provide a good value for their price. Before buying, carefully consider all the specifications. We also recommend you visit several websites and review the products before you decide what works best for you.

The price range for most knee sleeves is from $25 to $60 but many retailers will offer discounts, so make sure you do your research.

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