6 Simple Ways To Increase Fitness In Your Life

Staying fit is essential to all of us. It’ll keep you healthy in the long run. However, some people had experienced hard times in trying to stay fit for as long as possible. Time management is a common issue for most people who have jobs or businesses. Little did they know that health is the number one priority in life.

You may have all the things you want, but you can’t enjoy once your health is deteriorating. One way to become healthy is staying fit by simply living a healthy lifestyle. In order to live with that, proper diet, minimizing stress and physical activity exposure is needed. Getting fit is one way for you to live a healthy lifestyle, however there are people who have time management problems in terms of doing it. If you’re one of those people who wanted to get fit while struggling to make time for exercise, this is a must-read for you.

Here are some ways for you to stay fit even with little or no time for regular exercise.

1 – Take a walk with a unique twist

Walking is a great way to stay in shape. Of course it helps you stay fit as long as possible. However, there are some people who think that walking alone isn’t satisfying. You can walk as long as you want, but it would be great if you added some little twist to that.

Let’s say you can do jumping jacks or stretching for every few minutes of walking. How does that sound to you? Well for me, I think this is innovative, creative and out of the box thinking. I’ve tried this before when I had a long walk from my home to the city mall. It’s really far though, but I’ve been walking long miles since I was young. It would be a little bit fun once you try this yourself.

2 – Do some basic household chores

If you have no time to exercise, it’s impossible that you don’t have time to do household chores. Washing dishes, reorganizing your bedroom, mopping the floor, car washing, laundry, carrying light-heavy things at home, lawn mowing or so could help you maintain getting fit.

I was a guy before who is lazy and refuse to do household chores by my parents. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to do the basics in an ongoing basis and it helped increase my stamina while working on my day job. My lady friend also told me before that she was too lazy to exercise, however she managed to stay fit due to her household obligations.

3 – Dance all you want at home

If you don’t like to exercise at all, perhaps you like dancing? If yes, this is one effective way in staying fit. Not only that, you can do aerobics at home as well. Since no one sees you at home, you can dance all you want with your favorite music or aerobics video.

However, there’s a new dance craze in town already which is called Zumba dance. This is more on combination of dancing and exercising while having fun. In public places and malls, there are Zumba fitness instructors who conduct free sessions for all. It’s one way of staying fit while having fun dancing with other participants. Best of all, you can make new friends and start interacting and having fun with each other.

4 – Watching TV or a movie and light exercising at the same time

This is really effective for me and the rest. I used to be a guy who just sits on the couch and watch TV or movie for most of the day when I’ve got nothing to do. It’s one of the reasons that I’m overweight and I need to do something about it.

I tried indoor cycling with my bike trainer while watching a movie in our living room. I was enjoying and having fun, and my parents told me if I’m crazy enough to do this. I told them that I’ve got no time to exercise, in which this idea is cool enough. Although it’s not going to be easy at first, but you’ll get over it once you’re doing this on a consistent basis.

5 – Stretching and walk during a work break

For those of you who are working in an office, it’s important that you always need a break. Sitting on a couch for most of the day can make you feel bored. In order for you to get out of boredom, you should stand up and stretch for a bit. Walk for a minute or two around the office premises before getting back to work.

6 – Playing Frisbee with the gang

Another way of staying fit without giving time for exercising is playing Frisbee with family or friends. You can do it on recreational parks, resorts, open fields, or even outside of your home (depends on the area).

It’s either you throw or catch the Frisbee, in which your body has a little involvement in light physical activity like this. If somebody overthrows your Frisbee, you need to run in order to get it and it’s a good thing.

Final words

Now that you’ve learned some ways to stay fit without having enough time for exercise, it’s time for you to try it. Although there are several ways for you to stay fit, but these ones are proven to become effective to maintain your body’s better metabolism.


Jeff Caceres is a freelance writer and blogger who reviews and shares tips and advice about health and wellness. You can visit his website at https://reviewsacademy.com


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