7 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape When You Are Busy

Keeping your body in good shape is one of the most challenging things to do for many people. This is especially true for people who spend more hours behind their desk. In fact, according to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, workers who work for over 40 hours per week or those who have hostile working environments are significantly more likely to become obese.

But there are 7 easy ways to avoid obesity and stay in good physique even when you are busy:

1: Have adequate sleep.

According to an article published at the NIH website, sleep deficiently increases your risk of obesity. This is based on a study of teenagers showing that every hour of lost sleep will increase the odds of them becoming obese. Dr. Eric J. Olson, M.D. published an article about the recommended sleeping hours for different age groups. For adults aged 18 and above, the recommended sleeping time is between 7 and 9 hours.

One way to have adequate sleeping hours during a busy week is to set a bed time and to be consistent in following it. When your body is accustomed to your sleeping time, it will then be easier to fall asleep when it is time.

2: Always have a bottle of water ready.

Water does not have a magical effect on weight loss. However, by drinking water, you can easily avoid drinking soda and other drinks that are high in sugar and calories. Be sure to always take a bottle of water along wherever you go.

3: Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time

If you don’t plan, it is easier to find yourself eating out or stopping by a drive-thru. That is true for many office workers who are already too tired to prepare for dinner after work. And when you eat out, the tendency of consuming food high in calories is very likely, and not to mention expensive.

What some people do is that they prepare healthy meals once or twice a week. They cook in big batches and freeze them. When it’s dinner time, all you must do is heat the food.

4: Stock healthy snacks

Get rid of those junk foods in your pantry and instead go for healthy snacks. Nuts, raisins, fruits, oatmeal and crackers are some of the healthy snack foods available. You may also have them in small pouches so that you can easily take one with you when you go to the office. Healthy snacks will fill your cravings, helping you avoid overeating during mealtime.

5: Try short but more intense workouts

If you can’t block out a whole hour on a busy day, an alternative option is to do short but intense workouts. Doing this also makes scheduling easier. You could try an intense 10- to 30-minute workout before going to the office or after, whichever is more convenient on your schedule.

6: Walk, jog or bike to the office when you can

This is not something new as many people are already doing it. If you want to try it, be sure to wear your workout gear. Investing in a quality helmet, calf support and knee pad is recommended for this purpose.

7: Make the above six steps a habit

If you are currently trying to lose weight, doing the above steps will not always immediately give you the desired results. But being consistent in doing them will. It may not be for a month or two, but in the long run, you will benefit from it if you make those steps a habit.

Gaining weight is an easy thing when you are a busy person. If you are someone who spends 40 hours or more behind your desk, don’t be discouraged. You can easily integrate these easy steps to staying in good shape in your daily schedule.

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