8 Reasons and Procedures for providing yourself a Foot Massage

Feeling tired, stressed and coming home with body and feet pain is one of the common problems every working person face at present. This can be easily overcome by a simple foot massage, the benefits they provide is reliably high mentally and physically.

While considering the massage techniques, there are various types that you can choose from; traditional therapeutic techniques help you to provide the relaxation of joints and muscles, reflexology technique involves massaging your foot area to enhance the internal organ functions.

Benefits of Foot Massage

I assure you that you will experience the following advantages while taking this foot massage, you just need to just invest your valuable time for performing the foot massage and this can be done by yourself in the absence of a professional.

Equipment like Foot Massage machine, foot roller massager, vibrating foot massager, etc. has more health benefits when compared to the other standard massagers.

Stress Reliever

No one can assure that they have never been in the stress at least once in their lifetime as daily challenges push people to feel the stress, the best thing you can perform to come out from the stress and depression is to take a foot massage, this helps in alleviate the stress completely.

There are scientifically proven results, and most of the people prefer this as they are the reliable and cost effective way to come out from the stress and relax.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Standing for an extended period leads to swelling in your legs and provide unbearable foot pain, performing foot massage helps in improving the oxygen flow in your body for promoting a healthy life. Your body organs function correctly once the blood circulation is evenly flown.

A precise study on foot massage has exaggerated that foot massage has direct effects on serum lipid level and blood pressure, also reduces diastolic pressure.

Immunity Improvement

Immunity problems cause your body to react to any deplorable conditions due to the irregular working of body defense system.Reflexology technique helps in enhancing your immunity and provide a positive impact by neglecting blood pressure, depression and stress from your body and therefore boost immunity.

Faster recovery from Ankle & Foot Injuries

Foot massaging helps in preventing the ankle and foot injuries and also reduces muscle soreness; you need to perform extra exercises for ankle and foot strengthening along with the foot massage for the speedier recovery.

Natural Pain Reliever

Most of the person who feels ill even after taking medicines and if you are the person who is unable to take any injection, medicine or oral route then the best way to solving your issues is to take a foot massage and therefore this act as a natural pain reliever.

Reflexology can reduce the pain of the woman and better works along with an essential oil; pregnant women can take this foot massages during their last semester to avoid any risk during delivery.

Decreased Blood Pressure

At present, high blood pressure and low blood pressure has become the common problem in every modern woman and man; this is caused due to the bad health habits, improper taking for food and because of the stress caused by too much of work.

Studies state that foot massage help in reducing the blood pressure, and you can see a vast improvement in your BP level, mood, and actions.

Intimacy Improvement

Foot massager can improve your sex life; you will just need some massage oil, light music and few candles with good scent for the love making. There are studies that have proven the result for the increased sex drive. Foot massage increased the oxytocin production, and this hormone is responsible for the feeling caused while your partner touches you.

Alleviate Symptoms of Menopause and PMS

Most of the women during their menopause and PMS feels unhappy, sad, tensed, fatigue, mood swings, and headaches. This can quickly alleviate while taking a foot massage.

How to provide yourself a Foot Massage?

Proceed below to check out some of the procedure you can follow for having a relaxing foot massage.

  • Sit comfortably and bend your one leg and rest the foot on the other thigh.
  • Take any essential oil or other natural massaging oil and rub into your nails and skin and now massage your entire foot including arch, toes, and heel.
  • If you need to take deeper foot massage, then press the hand knuckles into your feet and mold it as a piece of dough.
  • Hold your feet with your both hands and press your thumbs into the skin and therefore you give the perfect work for the muscles and skin.
  • The next step is to pull your toes front and back and stretch the muscles
  • Repeat the same for other foot.

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