9 Tips for Staying Fit When Traveling

With the holidays fast approaching, you may already be making plans for travel, vacation, and family get-togethers. If staying in shape and keeping up with your workout routine is on the top of your travel to-do list, don’t miss these 9 tips:

Stay at a Hotel with a Gym

Want to ensure that you’ll hit the gym when traveling? Then stay at a hotel with a gym or fitness center. Accessibility to treadmills, free weights, and even swimming pools make it easy to get up early and workout before your day gets going, keeping you on track and helping you offset some of those extra holiday calories.

Avoid Common Travel Injuries

Don’t let your exercise routine get sidelined by common travel aches and pains. Neck and back pain from long car rides or tight squeezes in the middle seat on an airplane can be aided by cushions and travel pillows that provide lumbar and neck support to prevent muscle inflammation. A car swivel seat can also help drivers get in and out of the car with less twisting and contorting of the back.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

Unfortunately, when you travel, your healthy food options can be limited. Gas stations and fast food restaurants become the norm on long road trips, while airport snacks are expensive and often disappointing. Avoiding unhealthy snacks when traveling means being smart about preparing and packing your own before you depart. Small baggies of dried fruit and nuts, yogurt, whole grain tortilla chips, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, dark chocolate, carrot sticks, hummus – healthy snack ideas are endless and will leave you full and satisfied when traveling.

Work Exercise Into the Itinerary

Planning a get together with friends for Thanksgiving? Attending a big family reunion for Christmas? Work exercise into the itinerary, right alongside big dinners and watching football games. Ideas for group activities that burn calories might include taking a group hike together or picking up a game of tag football.

Party Smart

Holiday work celebrations, get-togethers with hometown friends, Halloween parties – the opportunities for imbibing are seemingly endless come October. If you do drink alcohol, be smart about what, how, and when you drink to help keep your health (and waistline) in check. Aim to drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage, and avoid sugar-laden cocktails made with mixers or energy drinks. And of course, always drink in moderation!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

There is something to sleeping in a new or unusual bed when traveling that totally throws your rhythm off, but a good night’s sleep is critical to keeping up your fitness levels. Prioritize quality sleep by avoiding tons of late nights, eating healthy and drinking lots of water during the day, and getting regular workouts in.

Take the Stairs

When traveling you are bound to encounter lots of staircases – in airports, at hotels, etc. Skip the escalator and walking pathways and get your steps in! Every little bit counts towards burning calories and getting your heart rate going, and taking the seemingly “harder” way out can make a big difference.

Turn to Technology

So you can’t go to your favorite spinning or yoga class while traveling, what do you do? Let technology help! You can live stream thousands of free, online instructional videos for everything from yoga to tai chi and Pilates, right from the comfort of your own hotel room. Or download apps like 7 Minute Workout which walk you through high-intensity interval workouts full of body weight exercises that don’t require any equipment at all.

Cycle Don’t Drive

If sight-seeing, touring a new city or heading to a fun restaurant or venue a few miles away, consider biking there instead of driving. Not only are you lowering your carbon footprint, but you are working a serious cardio workout into your daily plans which will leave you feeling fit, refreshed, and in shape.

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