How much does it cost?

Cool E Fitness costs $15 per month.

What classes will I be able to use with my membership?

There are currently 4 types of classes; Yoga, Pilates, Full Body Strength and Interval Training. We plan on adding many more classes as we grow. We release NEW videos every weekday. Yoga and Pilates are released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Full Body Strength is released on Tuesday. Interval Training is on Thursday. If there are other classes you would like to see let us know.

How do I use my points and what can I buy with them?

In order to use your points you must contact us and let us know what you want to buy with them. To get an idea of what something might cost take the value of the item say $10 divide it by 5 (equals 2) and then multiply it by 30 [Total = 60 points!] Over time this will be an automated thing.

How often can I exercise?

You can and are encouraged to exercise as much as you would like using our system, however you can only earn points once a day. Soon points per day will be worth more than just 1 point up to a possibility of 10 points per day!

Do I have to do different videos every day or can I do the same ones multiple times?

Yes to both. We are uploading a bunch of different videos daily. This way you can get a variety of video to push yourself or stay in your comfort zone. If there is a specific video style you like then do it every day! If you want variety, then switch it up. It is your workout so do it however you feel.

What if I want to work out with a friend?

Working out with a friend is highly encouraged, especially if they are a member of Cool E Fitness. After one of you has logged into the main page and chosen the video you want to rock there is an “Add Friend!” button in the upper right hand corner of the video. Click on it and add your friends email. They will earn the same points for completing the exercise video!

Communal Rewards?

A communal reward is where we reward the entire community for helping us reach goals. Our first goal is to have 100 members sign up. When this happens all 100 peopele will receive 5 extra points. Help us make this goal a reality!

Where do I get more information about Cool E Fitness?

You can either Contact Us directly or you can check us out on Twitter. We will be updating this regularly with updates to the site, special point rewards, and updates on our blog.