Bored to Obesity

Bored to ObesityLet’s walk through a scenario.  You are at work.  It is about 2pm and you get done at 5pm.  You know that you have three hours remaining because you have been watching the clock since 1230 when you had lunch.  You have been watching the minutes change on your phone as that is what you were getting paid to do.

You are BORED!

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Unfortunately this happens to ton of people every day.  The next thing that happens is you try to think of anything to help break the boredom.  You have already “used” the bathroom 6 times today, so you can’t just go again without someone thinking you have a bladder control issue or are suffering from a urinary tract infection.

So what do you do?

Box of ObesityYou know it.  You turn to our good old friend the vending machine.  The whole time you are walking toward this obesity box you know you aren’t hungry, but if you return to your seat empty handed people may judge you.  So you mull over your soon to be bad decision and you finally end up on Funyuns.

You slowly walk back mentally just beating yourself up for this snack of fake fried onions that you didn’t even want.  You do your best to pawn off your newly acquired delectable, but no one will bite.  So you sit there bored, sulking and eating.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Well the truth is because we are human.  We are doers by nature.  We want to feel that we are accomplishing something.  When this isn’t happening we feel empty.  So we try to make things accomplishable and well walking to the vending machine inserting a coin and actually having the product drop is a HUGE accomplishment, especially if you have ever been ripped off by the obesity box.

To do listThe worst part is the more and more bored we become the more this vending machine massacre become a steady part of the day.  You make plans throughout the day to break up the monotony and venture of to the death trap of caloric grossness.  Over time this becomes a habit and one that is very difficult to break.  You almost become addicted to the process.  It is borderline depressing.  The fact that we eat when we are bored is just strange.

Think about how many times you have eaten just because you need something to do.  It is as if we confuse eating something with an accomplishment of sorts. I would love to see some research as to why this is, but I would speculate to say that food is a part of our culture.  It is comforting and it reminds us of good times shared with people.  So when we get bored we want to have this feeling of community and accomplishment.

I wish I had an answer to this problem, because I deal with it daily.  I have tried spacing my meals out and only eat them at certain times of the day.  I have even tried to drink as much water as possible to help curb the craving of wanting to eat.

I believe that boredom leads many people to over eating, which may result in obesity.  I have been in moments where I am working on a huge project and haven’t eaten for the entire day.  It is almost like I forgot that eating was important.  So I know when I am challenged eating doesn’t become a desire.  It is only when I am bored that eating feels like the only thing I can do to break it up.

I would love to know if you get in these modes where you feel like you are just eating because you are bored.  I would also like to know how you combat this urges or if you even do.  Please share your story I would love to be inspired by you.

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