Breaking Down Injury Prevention and Rehab Techniques

Over the next several days, weeks and years I want to explain some very basic injury prevention techniques that are currently being used in the healthcare field as well as at home.  My goal is to inform you on ways you can take care of an injury at home or if it has progressed beyond a point where you should seek some medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider.

First I need to explain my “expertise” in this area.  I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Athletic Training.  This degree is not about teaching athletes to be better in their sport, but helping use medical techniques to prevent injury and then helping them compete through an injury at the highest level possible.  I learned tons of nutrition, biomechanical analysis, injury recognition, and diagnosis and prevention techniques along with other non-traditional means of injury management.  This degree has given me the opportunity to work with the San Fransisco 49ers, University of Arizona, University of Utah and multiple high schools.  During this time I worked with elite level athletes to weekend warriors.

I decided to “learn” more. I earned a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Utah.  This degree more allowed me the ability to test my own theories while practically applying the techniques we learned in school.  It also forced me to KNOW what techniques I was using and how they would affect an injury, good or bad.  During this time I came to realize that even though we learn why something is being used we still don’t use it properly.
Over the next few weeks I will explain different applications of ice, heat, tape, electrical stimulation and other random techniques that are being use to treat injuries.  If there is something you would like to know more about please Contact Me and I will break it down from the basics to a more complex view of how it is being used.  I need to preface that I am not an expert in everything, but I understand the basic and that is what ALL treatments are based around.

The next article I post will be on what PAIN is and how we deal with it naturally.  Because all injuries result in pain it is important to start with what it is and work backward.  I look forward to this conversation and I really hope we can get some good conversation going.

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