Science suggests Torpidity to burn more calories than dieting

According to scientists torpidity is the secret to a healthy weight loss program. It is a well-known fact that many Americans have or currently are participating in some type of dietary pill, plan or crazy scheme to lose weight.

Let’s just list some of these crazy plans

  • Atkin’s – A high protein diet. The idea is to burn the stored carbs as energy. Not a bad idea except for the fact it can kill you to not eat carbs and fats.
  • caveman cookingThe RAW Diet/Palio – Processed foods are bad for you so only eat raw stuff. We should only eat like cavemen and you must cook everything with a stick and over a fire pit you made from reclaimed rocks!
  • Gluten Free Diet’s – Wheat will kill you so don’t eat that. The real need for this plan is called Celiac Disease. Many people have actually benefited from changing their dietary habits even though they don’t have Celiac Disease.
  • Smoothie Packets and Juice Diets – This is where you buy an expensive fruits and vegetables  mix them together and make fairly terrible tasting juices trying hard to convince yourself it is a good idea every day. Or you mix up some blend of chemicals so that you feel “full.” Why do they always make these taste like Bananas and Strawberries?!
  • Aunt JamimaLemonade Diet – This is where you make a concoction of lemons, maple syrup and water.  You guzzle it down throughout the day. But wait there is more! You get to start your morning off with an Epson style salt drink to help “flush” the bad stuff out of your body. Basically you start every day off with a laxative and then chase it with Aunt Jamima!

You have probably tried the aforementioned diets, but they left you feeling groggy, weak and possibly sleepy? Who really wants to be so stuck in a diet where you have to watch what you are eating all the time. . . No ONE!

This is why the Torpidity weight loss program is right for you. You don’t have to count calories, unless you enjoy that type of torture. You don’t have to make yourself feel sick intentionally. You don’t even have to completely revamp your entire diet.  You get to go out with friends and enjoy the awesomeness that life holds. And the BEST part is . . . it is FREE.

questioningWhat is the Torpidity?

Torpidity is just a fancy way of saying sleeping. The fact is you burn a ton of calories while sleeping.

How many Calories do you burn while sleeping?

According to most sleep calorie calculators the average person burns about .42 calories for every pound of body weight. A 150 lb person would burn around 63-64 calories for every hour of sleep. That is around 512 calories for eight hours of sleep. Crazy right? These numbers can go up or down depending on temperature, the number of blankets you have on or when you ate last.

There rumor that states, “You should not eat within 2 hours of going to bed or else you will gain weight.” I haven’t seen any hard proof of this, but if you find some I would love to read the research.

trying to hardThe truth is our bodies want food and are completely capable of handling it, no matter when we eat. What happens, in response to eating, is the peripheral blood in our bodies is shifted to the stomach and intestinal area to help with digestion. This is a reflex, which means you can’t control it. For example try and get your heart to beat at 30 beats per second, which is once every other second. Go ahead I will wait. . . . SEE not possible.  While your heart beat isn’t technically a reflex it is driven by the parasympathetic system which is also responsible for the digestion reflex.

Our bodies feel it is much more important to digest the food so it pulls the blood from our extremities or anything that doesn’t need blood at that time and uses it for Digestion. In order to facilitate this our bodies want to go into a state of Torpidity or Rest. Hence the term “Rest and Digest.” Think about the 5 hour energy commercials, the “2 O’Clock feeling”. This is the prime time when your body is digesting the food we ate for lunch. Our bodies want us to do nothing right now and well what the body wants the body gets, especially considering this is a reflex and we can’t control it.

This is why the Torpidity diet is so effective. Even our own bodies want us to use it. To get back to what I was saying earlier, the rumor about not eating before bed. . . Well you can do it and it will actually help you go to sleep. I am not saying eat before bed. Late night snacks are one of the top reasons increased caloric intake, so be cautious.

Unfortunately if you are at work you are forced to not sleep, MEAN bosses. Try this neat trick. DO NOT eat as much for lunch. If you go out for a meal only eat part of it or just order the burger not the fries. By lowering the calories or even amount of food consumed at lunch you can effectively stay awake longer because your body doesn’t need as much blood to digest your food. Try it. You will be surprised. I promise.

Anyways, back to the Torpidity diet! Sleep more. When you are tired go to bed. Get more sleep and burn more calories. If you are sleepy and you know you ate too much for lunch just excuse yourself to the bathroom. Flush before you sit down (ideally to remove any previous smells). Clasp your arms together, lean over and take a good solid 20 minute nap. No one will even question the process. If they do you can happily say you are strictly following the Torpidity diet and you burned about 20 calories, which wasn’t from pooping! (according to Cha Cha you can burn 200 calories from pooping, strange). HMM maybe you should nap then poop to make the most out of this situation.

One final note before I let you go. By replacing 1 hour of inactivity; watching TV, reading a book or checking out Cool E Fitness with 1 hour of sleeping you can drastically increase the number of calories you naturally burn throughout a year. If by doing this one little thing you could have much better dreams and burn off about 10,000 extra Calories!

Thank you to Ken over at for the idea for this article. He is a blogger and health enthusiast who loves writing about nutrition and fitness of the elderly and disabled. He currently writes for the rollator supplier

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