Can a Watch Help You Lose Weight?

Did you know that many people think that smart watches are used exclusively by geeks? Most wearable technology enthusiasts were anxious for these kinds of watches to come to the market and made quite a buzz in advance. However, geeks are not the only group that could not wait for smart watches to appear and a recent study has shown that the demographic of an average user almost equally depends on age, income and gender. According to the same study, this is also true when it comes to fitness trackers which are helpful when trying to stay fit – but can a smart watch do the same when it comes to losing weight?

Smart Watches – Yes or No?

Just like all brand new pieces of technological development, wrist watches were received by mixed reviews, both from users and experts. Their single biggest advantage – apart from many others – is faster and easier access to your notifications: instead of reaching into your pocket, you can just glance at your wrist. This saves you time and looks quite cool. In addition to that, smart watches provide you more privacy when reading texts and e-mails and usually have longer battery life due to a smaller screen.

However, there is a downside to them as well – they really do not offer anything new when compared to a smartphone! Therefore, they are an unnecessary addition to your list of belongings and just another device you have to charge. There are, of course, other negative aspects of smart watches, but these are the ones that resulted in a drop in sales in 2014. Nonetheless, smart watches are still relevant when it comes to fitness.

On Your Own – or Not?

What is the difference between an average gym goer and a professional athlete with a coach breathing down their neck the entire training session? Well, the said coach. You need one if you want results – especially when trying to lose weight. If you train on your own, without any help, the results might not always happen, claims my personal fitness trainer. That is why you need some kind of motivation and someone – or something, like a smart watch, for example – by your side the entire time.

Always Know the Numbers

Both activity trackers and smart watches are good choices because they follow your every move, measure your metrics and report them back to you. Therefore, you can finish every training knowing exactly how many miles you have run, how many calories you have burned, in what way your heart rate has changed and, ultimately, how many pounds you have lost.

With such a trustworthy way to keep score, you are sure to be stimulated, because seeing the results right before your eyes will be highly motivational and will inspire you even more. Moreover, you will feel a desire to reach certain goals your smart watch is setting you – most models include appropriate badges and notifications once you achieve set results (10K steps or something like that) and being rewarded is always good.

Smart Watches for Fitness – Yes or No?

Definitely yes: both of smart watches’ main benefits – motivation and tracking results – are much needed in a gym, especially if you rely on running a lot. You have to be at your best when trying to lose weight and must always know how much you have already lost. Offering exactly that, smart watches are included in “broader corporate wellness programs” all around the USA, suggests a 2014 study. Since the market offers a wide plethora of models, you will surely find one that will help you lose your excessive weight quickly.

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