Can You Really Boost Performance with CBD Oil?

Many things about marijuana have been up for debate but one thing is for sure – it has gained popularity for good reason. There’s more to it than getting high. Doctors consider cannabis as supplementary medication for illnesses that some conventional pharmaceutical products are unable to treat. One good example would be as a treatment for chronic pain without being addictive like opiates.

Weed is most known for its psychoactive component — tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, there is more to cannabis than its psychoactive properties. Weed also contains Cannabidiol (CBD) – a compound that has shown to have great potential in boosting athletic performance.

Is CBD Weed?

CBD is not weed. It is merely the abbreviated version of a compound called Cannabidiol that is found in weed.

Weed contains more than a hundred cannabinoids – a word that is used to refer to compounds present in Marijuana. THC and CBD is just two of these many different  compounds. THC makes you high. CBD does not.

CBD Oil supplements are usually sourced from marijuana strains with low THC content, making them completely legal. They are becoming increasingly popular and there is now even Amazon CBD oil widely available.

What’s In It For Athletes?

Much dispute has surrounded the use of marijuana in sports and competitions. When the Men’s Journal interviewed Clifford Drusinsky, a triathlete, he admitted that he used marijuana whenever he trained. Drusinsky claimed that with weed, he feels more in control.

MMA fighter Nate Diaz was taking CBD through vaping despite the fact that it could have ended his career. But Nate Diaz encouraged a change of heart– at least in his industry – about the use of CBD to improve the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Diaz said that CBD oil helps him in the healing process – which is important in mixed martial arts where training and competition can lead to sore muscles and injuries.  Because of CBD, he is able to easily treat inflamed muscles and joints.

Endurance athletes, mountain climbers, and professional fighters also attest to the power of CBD oil to boost their performance. This helps them deal with their injuries without the often negative effects of pharmaceutical painkillers.

CBD Oil and Motivation

Cannabinoids act much like endorphins do, but instead of just giving the athlete a happy disposition, CBD oil also targets and enhances his performance.

CBD increases an athlete’s motivation, which allows them to get in better shape for upcoming competition. However, studies on CBD in athletes further reveal that CBD targets various factors that contribute to a better performance, let us outline a few:

CBD Oil Relieves Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the many causes of chronic diseases that lead to poor quality of life and eventually, death. When athletes engage in rigorous physical activities such as training, their bodies are likely to suffer. Muscle spasms also result in physical trauma, nerve damage, and dehydration.

CBD is a known inflammation-reliever and has been proven to control muscle spasms. Cannabis oil also eases joint pains and allows you to recover quickly after an intense workout or an injury. It is even more potent than fish oil, proteolytic enzymes, resveratrol, curcumin, Vitamin C, and other natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

CBD Oil Reduces Cortisol

CBD has also been found to be a potential treatment for people with anxiety disorders.  Clinical evidence suggests that CBD can help in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

Increased levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone, lead to stress and inflammaiton. CBD can interfere with the production of cortisol and has been found to help athletes who feel anxious or excited. Unlike marijuana that perks people up, CBD oil does the opposite. When cortisol levels go down, you will become more relaxed and inclined to concentrate.

CBD helps with weight loss

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to lower obesity rates and speed up metabolic processes. CBD is also known to suppress appetite and making it an effective solution for people who need a bit extra help with weight management.

CBD Oil Helps You Get Restful Sleep

Cannabidiol can induce deep relaxation and promote rapid eye movement as you sleep. Sufficient rest is important to athletes because a relaxed mind and body recovers faster.

Sleep is especially important for athletes who want to build muscles. Inadequate amounts of sleep can lead to sickness, irritation, weight gain, depleted hormone and energy levels and a lack of motivation. CBD oil aids in sleep, and this can greatly  enhance your progress towards your fitness goals.

CBD Oil Regulates Blood Sugar levels

Chronically elevated blood sugar puts you at risk of diabetes and obesity. Incorporate CBD into your diet and you’ll notice how much your insulin level are reduced. Regulated blood sugar results in a healthier body composition. With increased insulin sensitivity, your body will store less fat and build more muscle, which is why it can help with weight loss as well.

How to Use CBD

CBD oil may be applied directly on the affected areas on your body. You may also ingest CBD oil capsules or inhaling it by vaporizing CBD oil, the effect will be even quicker but not last as long. To maximize the benefit of CBD oil, consume it regularly.

There’s something you need to know though to get the most out of your CBD oil regime – the body does not absorb CBD well. You can improve absorption rate by ingesting it together with turmeric or black pepper.

CBD is Safe

CBD is neither addictive nor can it be overdosed. No one has been reported to die or suffer any kind of damage from consuming too much CBD. According to Dr. Tod Mikuriya of USA’s marijuana research program, no drug substance has been found to have the same therapeutic effects as CBD. This oil is 100 percent safe, natural, and effective.

Moreover, CBD oil is devoid of chemicals and pesticides as it sourced from organic and sustainably raised hemp plants. Unlike other drugs, CBD oil doesn’t contain artificial colorants, flavors, gluten, sugar, and other potential allergens.

Athletes should take CBD oil in the morning and evening, preferably during pre and post-workout windows.


Given the positive health effects of CBD oil for people with certain health conditions, it’s no wonder that Cannabidiol has also become helpful for athletes who needed a boost in  performance.

If you’re engaged in intense physical activities, consider using CBD oil. It’s better than resorting to synthetic performance-enhancing drugs that could potentially damage your kidneys and liver. Adding CBD oil to your diet and fitness routine can dramatically change your athletic performance, leading you to a healthier lifestyle as well.


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