Crucial Tips For Selecting The Right Tent

Are you planning your next big getaway? If so, you need a quality tent that will keep you comfortable and safe. Of course, there are some key things to consider when selecting a tent and your decision can make or break your trip.


Perhaps the most important thing is to select a tent that can comfortably fit everyone inside. A tent’s name, such as 10 person camping tent, typically tells how many adults it can fit (in this case 10). However, some tents display a range, such as 2-3.

To be sure, you should check the floor dimensions of a tent before making a purchase. For each person, you want around 25 x 80 inches. This will be enough space to sleep and will offer a bit of living space.

Wall Geometry

Remember, a tent’s size isn’t enough. It’s also a tent’s geometry that dictates how roomy it feels.  For example, imagine two tents with the same floor area. One has pyramid shaped walls while one has vertical walls. Clearly, the pyramid-shaped walls are going to impose more on your space than the vertical walls.


If you’re going to be hiking for miles, then you don’t want to be lugging around an elephant of a tent. It’s important to select one that is light. Remember, tents typically display three weights: the full weight that includes the packaging, the lightest full set-up weight, and a fast pitch weight that just includes the fly, footprint, and poles.

Three Or Four Seasons?

If you’re going to be camping primarily in the summer months, then this decision is easy. Just go with a three season. These tents are typically double walled and will help keep the elements at bay. However, if you’re planning to camp out in the icy months, then the extra insulation offered by a four-season tent may just tip the balance between an enjoyable trip and an uncomfortable one.


You should also examine how easy it is for air to flow through the tent. This is especially important for hot temperatures as tents can quickly turn into ovens. Consider purchasing a tent with two doors so air can flow more freely.


You want a tent that will keep you comfortable, but you also don’t want to blow your budget on an extravagant luxury. Set a strict budget and then start looking at the best models that fall within it. The best tents aren’t necessarily the most expensive. In fact, some “flashy” models can be unsuitable for tough weather conditions while their cheaper counterparts are actually much more durable. Don’t judge a tent’s quality by its price tag.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a tent doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to make sure you consider the practical details, such as how many people you need to sleep, what the weather conditions are like, and whether you will need to carry the tent or not. Put these tips into practice next time you visit a camping outfitter.


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