Digital Health: A revolution in the making

The boom of modern technology is not here just to entertain and indulge us. It is rapidly transforming nearly every aspect of our daily life. What matters the most is the question of its application and towards what ends we use it. Many people are taking advantage of numerous applications and gadgets on the market to step up their fitness game. In such cases, technology helps users get a hold of information about the proper way to execute exercises and interact with training equipment. That way, it is easier to achieve that sculpted body and do demanding exercises like heavy lifting.

Fantastic results

Runtastic has managed to create an entire ecosystem of apps and services for tracking and managing fitness data. One platform stands out from the rest, the Runtastic Results. Users can find a set of personalized training plans that put the focus on strength training, and aim at reaching fitness goals in 12 weeks. To make it happen, you can rely on bodyweight workout videos and guides on health and nutrition. So, this application is tailored to those who seek to jumpstart their fitness routine with an easy-to-follow training plan. The results are attainable without any extra equipment, and require only the investment of time and energy.

Pump it

Pumping Weight is an excellent app which does not interfere with gym sessions, and does not overwhelm you with a truckload of instructions. The smooth workout log features some great illustrations of popular workouts. Rest and interval timers come in handy and the same goes for the calendar that shows all exercises. Straightforward tips give you a clear idea about different muscle groups and appropriate exercise to enlist them all. The clear and intuitive interface will not give anyone a hard time, and tracking weight, body fat and BMI is nice and easy. In the end, you may share your workouts with friends and make good use of the iCloud support.

By the Book

This one is for those who want to play it by the book and see some results pronto. GymBook features around 50 exercises with nice GIF displays and explanations about how they affect different muscle groups. But, you can also create your own routines, and let the app help you stay disciplined and motivated. The app also tracks results, exercise history, body measurement, weight, etc. Progress can be reviewed with built-in graphics and workout summaries.  On top of it all, GymBook is well designed, and has a visually appealing UI too. It is a perfect addition to any digital fitness arsenal.

Fit as a fiddle

Designed for bodybuilders, Jefit Workout is a free app for reaching prime weightlifting goals. The age of pen and paper in the gym are long gone, as this app tracks all your reps, sets and the weight you are lifting. Users can choose to customize their routines or go for predefines ones.  Note that this is not a feature-packed app, but a simple solution for monitoring different details involved in your strength training. It gets the job done, and enables you to maximize muscle gains.

Watch it

Sometimes, hitting the buttons on your mobile phone while in the middle of a routine can be frustrating.  That is when cutting-edge technology steps in. The Apple Watch marks the beginning of an exciting era of wearable fitness devices. Noticing the rising demand, a bulk of tech companies have started to repurpose their apps for this gadget. One can exploit stunning software pieces like the built-in heart rate monitor, and apart from some of the apps on this list, there are many others that can be useful. Take Green Kitchen, for example, an app that supplies you with dozens of recipes and instructions on how to make them.

A vast marketplace

Indeed, there are many apps for devices like Apple Watch that support strength training by covering other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. A Water Minder reminds you when to drink up, and how to stay hydrated. HealthTap, on the other hand, lets you ask medical questions from thousands of doctors around the U.S, all while on the go. There are some applications that shame people into working out, and those that remind you to take medications. There seems to be a solution to virtually any specific problem you could imagine, but finding it on the booming app market remains a challenge. Whatever your goals may be: getting stronger, getting leaner, or bulking up, you will certainly find a fitness app that is suited to your needs, if you look hard enough.

Witness the fitness

The digital revolution is spreading around the fitness landscape and shifting its visage. The busy health space is teeming with athletes and tech aficionados trying to find the digital Holy Grail. Slowly and steadily, killer gadgets and apps are becoming indispensable in tracking, managing and enhancing our routines. The beauty of it is that the only tools you need are your body, determination and a smart device. Equipped with these, you are ready to overcome every obstacle on the road to fitness heaven.

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