Dirty underwear and its effect on habits

Let’s assume you REALLY want to date a girl (internal motivation), but you know for her to like you, you must change your underwear, which is something you don’t really like to do (external motivation).  Because you want this girl so bad you will go out of your way to change your underwear.  To keep dating this girl you have to keep changing your underwear.  Over time, you get a custom to changing your underwear, she gets happier, you get married and BOOM you have a new habit.  Now you never wear the same pair of underwear twice!

While this may seem a little extreme this is how motivation works.  We all start of with Internal Motivation, or the desire to do something, but with out any External Motivation, a reward from someone else, we quickly lose hope.  The desire never fades, but it also never gets accomplished and you sit around in dirty underwear, forever!

So how do we deal with this dirty underwear problem?  Well we use it to our advantage.  Imagine if exercise was the goal, you really wanted to get healthy.  Well, wear the dirty underwear until you have exercised.  Then after you have exercised you can reward yourself, by putting on a new pair.  You must commit to not changing that dirty pair.  Now you get to the point where you are an expert in changing your underwear and exercising. Go and reward yourself with the designer stuff, you earned it!

Motivation is something you can control you just have to make it work for you.

My suggestion:

YOU HAVE TO WANT IT.  You need to want it so bad that you are willing to commit yourself to the process.

SET A REWARD. By giving yourself a reward on a daily or weekly basis you will continue to do it.

REWARD! The reward needs to either be something that inspires you or allows you to overcome some sort of obstacle.

HAVE FUN.  Change is hard, so have fun with it.  Brag to your friends and neighbors about how awesome your new thing is until they tell you to stop.  And if it is exercise keep bragging until they join you!

I hope you haven’t changed your underwear yet, but if you have I hope you earned the right to do so.




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