Exercising in Poor Air Quality

7/3/2012 US Air Quality

If you are paying attention to the news then you know there are over 20 different fires going on in the Utah and Colorado areas.  What many people don’t realize is how these fires can effect air quality and our abilities to exercise, even indoors.

A few years ago I was living in San Diego when their huge fire occurred.  The fire was actually across the street from where I was stationed.  It was a crazy experience which forced us to be evacuated.  During this time and the next few days ash was falling from the sky.  This made it incredibly difficult to breath.

Living in Utah I have been subjected to an inversion.  This is when the pollution from a city gets stuck in a valley.  It is pretty gross to see, but once you go over it it is usually beautiful and clean.

In either of these conditions it is VERY important to check the air quality before you exercise.  As we know the more you exercise the more you need to breath.  Exercising under these conditions is not healthy.  Before you exercise make sure to check the air quality for where you live.

Even if you are exercising indoors the air quality can still effect the inside of a building.  Different times of the day can effect air quality.  For example if you exercise in the morning the polution is lower than after or during rush hour time frames.

Keep exercising, because you are awesome, but make sure you are being safe when you do so!  Cool E Fitness supports all those effected by the fires in Utah and Colorado.  If there is anything we can help with please contact us at tim@coolefitness.com.

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