Finding The Best Online Yoga Classes

There are all sorts of benefits of adding yoga to your regular fitness routine. It can help improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and burn calories for increased weight loss.

And those are just some the physical benefits of practicing yoga. The gentle nature of yoga makes it an excellent form of morning exercise that can help you mentally prepare for your day, or it can be used to help relax and de-stress after a long one.

The Best Yoga Classes Found Online

While yoga is a practice that most people would benefit from practicing, there are some drawbacks that might deter some future yogis. Classes can be expensive, plus they require quite a time investment, especially if you have much of a commute to your local yoga studio.

Fortunately, there are numerous high-quality yoga classes that can be taken online that can offer you all of the health benefits, without the high cost or inconvenience.

Do Yoga With Me offers hundreds of free classes that are grouped by difficulty, class duration, teacher, or type of yoga. Along with the standard yoga vinyasas, there are some unique classes such as a number devoted specifically to runners and others for athletes who are most interested in injury-prevention.

Another option is My Free Yoga, which acts as a hub for yoga instructors to post their free yoga class videos. The video library is huge and you can search for classes that focus on your specific problem areas. For example, there is a category for those suffering from back pain and another for tight hips.

Of course we cannot discuss the topic of online video without considering Youtube. A Youtube search for “yoga class” yields over 500,000 results, but as you might imagine, many of those are not high enough quality to replace a class at your local yoga studio.

There are a few yoga Youtube channels that definitely are worth checking out. Yoga For Dummies is an excellent resource if you are just starting out. It offers a series of six videos, each just 10 minutes long, which teach introductory moves that most people would find quite approachable.

Another great Youtube yoga source is called Yoga Vidya, which offers dozens of short classes that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. This channel also provides some useful specialized classes that you might not find elsewhere. One example is their “yoga for men” series, which is perfect for the inflexibility most men deal with.

Yoga Journal is a third Youtube must-see if you’re looking for good yoga instruction. It offers full classes much like other online yoga sources, but it also has explainer videos that break down individual yoga poses. This is very helpful if you find yourself stuck in trying to master a specific pose.

While still cheaper than attending a live class, not all online yoga classes are free. Yoga Glo requires a paid membership, but it might be worth the small cost. Its main benefit is its staff of instructors, which includes over 40 yogis from around the world, many of whom have specialty in one particular style of yoga.

This can be helpful if you find a class that you particularly enjoy – You can follow that teacher and be notified of each new class as they become available.

With so many online yoga options available these days via streaming video, there is no excuse for anyone to make yoga a part of their regular fitness routine. Do some yoga today to calm your mind and help your body relax and restore.

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