Fitness Starts at Home

Cool E Fitness is dedicated to the health and fitness of all who come to our site.  It is the reason why we spend so much time covering issues of injury prevention, health and nutrition.  The key to all of this is that is starts at home.

The Ugly

TVAt home is where we start learning bad information.  We see advertisements on TV, hulu or even in the money mailers about how great a product or service is.  They throw a few compelling states or phrases out there, “you could look like this”; “loose 100 lbs in 10 seconds. . .”  You get my point and we just take that as fact.  This information starts the downward spiral of poor health and fitness choices.

The Bad

Fake advertismentOnce you have the information you talk to your friend about it.  Although they might have taken a class in college 10 years ago, they really aren’t an expert in the nutrition or fitness world.  Typically people stop with one friend, but you are not “that guy.”  So, you find someone else to talk to about it who is really “into” the health scene they take a supplement for everything, exercise 100 times a day and eat only food grown and fertilized by camels.  Yes we all have that friend.  Unfortunately these people typically don’t understand the science.  While their intentions are good and they most likely have benefited from the life style choices they have made the science is lacking in the decision making process.

The Good

Fortunately, we know these things.  We know that we are being persuaded by advertisements.  We also know that our friend is a little crazy.  We also know that we want to get health and we know that our home is the best place to do this.

  • So if our home is where our health starts then lets be proactive and start it there: Watch commercials for their entertainment value and not for their “facts.”
  • Make lists for grocery shopping before you head to the store.
  •  Exercise at home with online videos, DVDs or with the equipment you purchased.

You have the ability to change the way you live.  It all starts with the choices you make and those start at home.  You can choose what shows to watch.  you can choose how you are going to let a commercial influence.

Most importantly, you have the ability to choose how you are going to change the way you live and a moment by moment basis.  Michael Jackson said it best,”I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” (which happens to be my favorite song of all time.

Make some choices, get the information you need and start it at home!

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