Fitness workout challenges – because summer is just around the corner!

It’s almost summer, ladies! This means that the time to start working out and get back in shape in now. Following a harsh winter, your body may be a little puffy. But that’s no reason to worry. With the right routine, you’ll get a bikini body like no other. The key ingredients are: discipline, diet, and regular exercising. It won’t be easy, but as you start seeing results, you’ll understand that it was worth the effort.

Working out with at least 2 months before summer kicks in is highly recommended because you give your body time to adjust to the change. It’s not necessarily about losing a ton of weight, but about toning your physique and looking great with and without clothes.


Without discipline, it’s literally impossible to lose weight the healthy way, and prepare your body for the summer. Start with the smallest changes in your daily routine. For example, make a commitment to quitting sugary drinks. Try that for a week, and then move on to cutting back on junk food. Don’t do it all at once, as you’ll put too much pressure on your body.

Make a schedule and stick to it! Wake up every day at a certain hour; eat a healthy breakfast, and then go for a walk. At night, it’s very important to sleep well. We know, you’re too busy and you’re probably going to say that you don’t have time for an 8-hour sleep. Make time! This is what discipline is all about.

Diet changes

Jumping on a treadmill in an attempt to burn that piece of cake you had for breakfast won’t cut it. For your fitness goals to become achievable, you have to make some serious changes in your diet. Allow yourself one cheat day every two weeks, but stay focused on a healthy, nutritious diet. Include fruits and vegetables in proportion of 70% per day. Dairy products, fish, eggs, and lean meats are highly recommended, too. Without realistic changes in your diet, you won’t be able to overcome challenges.


As opposite to losing weight, toning your body is a lot tougher. That’s because the goal is to do more, strive harder, and achieve the impossible. If you’re into lifting weights, the challenge is to lift with at least 2 kg more every week. Of course, that often depends on what you want to achieve – do you want to build muscle or have a lean and toned body?

Fitness is all about endurance. If your plan is to go to the gym daily, a trained professional can motivate you to push yourself. Settle on a plan. For example, on Mondays you can focus on working out your arms; on Tuesdays work on your legs, and on Wednesdays target the abs. Take a break on Thursday and go for a job on Fridays. Allow your body to rest throughout the weekend. Follow this routine for a whole month, and you’ll see incredible results.


More men than women choose to take supplements when working out. It all depends on what you want to achieve. If the goal is to shed fat and have a lean body, then there’s no reason to take supplements. But if you want to get bigger and stronger, you need a sensible supplement plan to boost your body’s level of endurance.

There are misconceptions surrounding the supplements industry. However, the right ones taken in recommended doses, will make sure your body stays in shape. Whey protein is probably one of the most appreciated type of supplements for attaining certain fitness goals. It helps build lean muscle mass. Often consumed as a shake, whey protein digests very fast because of its high content of amino acids (which are fundamental for proper muscle growth).

Even though women are not that fond of supplements, their bodies needs vitamins and minerals too when working out. You can just stick to proteins and carbs from foods like bananas, yogurt, berries, and eggs. Consume these foods with 2 hours before hitting the gym to prepare the body for an intense and productive workout routine.


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