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Benefits of a Sports Degree 

With so much “health” information being thrown at us by advertisements and the like it is time we get out of the dark and stop trusting what we see on TV, especially when it comes to our health.  We see the impact obesity and diabetes is having on our nation so let’s do something about it.  While our blog at is dedicated to bringing you the newest researched approaches to nutrition, injury prevention and recovery and the skinny on supplements it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra classes on the subject, especially if you can get them paid for by someone else!

Why study for a Sports Degree?

National Athletic Trainers AssociationThere are so many avenues to get into; Coaching, Nutrition, Athletic Training (not to be confused with Personal training), but you coudl do personal training, Sports pedigogy ( teaching people about sport), Life Coaching, Sports Psychology and really the list goes on and on.  The odds are if you like sports or being around peopel who need and want to stay health their is a career in it for you.  Not only that but there are som fun perks too.


*Growing job market – The Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified jobs for fitness workers as being one of the fastest growing in the country. That is expected to continue for the next several years as health clubs and fitness centers continue to grow.

*Advanced education – A student with a sports undergraduate degree can often use that as a starting point for an advanced degree or specialization. This can include continuing education in bio mechanics, sports psychology, recreation administration and rehabilitative medicine.

*Adaptable – Jobs available to someone with a sports degree are not limited to working in a health club or fitness center. Employment can also be available in community, medical and corporate fitness programs, as well as teaching health and physical education to school-age youth. Others choose to become personal trainers. Exercise physiologists increase the health and well-being of the general populace and occupational physiologists help people recover from injuries suffered on the job.

Scholarships for Sports Degrees:

As with any other college education, paying for a sports degree can be very expensive. While a variety of financial aid opportunities are available, scholarships are the best option because they do not have to be paid back. There are a variety of scholarship sources available to those studying for a sports degree.

Universities – Many colleges offer scholarships to sophomore or junior students that have been able to maintain a specific grade point average and demonstrate specific skills and abilities. Others are also offered based on need.

Organizations – Groups such as the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) offer scholarships as a way to help recruit more members into the field. For example, NATA offers 50 to 75 scholarships per year that average $2,300. The group also provides a $50,000 scholarship for ethnically diverse students.

*Foundations – The NIX Healthcare Foundation offers awards to students majoring in athletic training and nursing that show financial need. The National Football League has teamed with NATA and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society Foundation to award scholarships and internships for minority students. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine each offer a number of $500 scholarships.

For those that are passionate about health, physical fitness and helping others, a sports degree offers a plethora of opportunities. Graduates can work with people to prevent injuries, rehabilitate those that are injured or teach some to become healthier. A sports degree can be a great way for someone to integrate their love of fitness with their career.

Jennifer Lewis writes for a website that provides information on funding opportunities for female students, including athletic scholarships for women and masters degree scholarships for women. She thinks studying for a sports degree is a great way to learn more about the science behind health and fitness and offers the chance to go on to pursue a career in a related field.

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