I want to thank you all for wanting to guest post on my site.  I have had some amazing articles submitted over the last few years.  I love reading guest submissions, especially the bad ones, but if you notice I don’t post them so follow the next few steps to help get your article published.

CoolEFitness is trying to make its mark on eFitness.  We are looking for articles about how technology is helping people make better choices.  If you have an idea about this type of article send it over!

Linking:  Links MUST be in the article, not the author bio.  It will add more value to your link anyways.

Step 1:  Make it AWESOME!!

Guest posting is an honor.  You know you are just looking for backlinks, so earn them.  I want an article that I can’t wait to read and share on my personal Facebook page.  In fact, the article should be SO good that you want to share it on your own facebook page.  Here are some examples:

How much do American’s Spend on Gym Memberships

How many people quit DVD programs

Step 2: Site you resources!

We have all been in some type of school where you had to do research.  Well this is a researched based exercise and fitness website.  I have a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine and have conducted and published research studies.  This just means if you state a claim there needs to be some research backing it.

Step 3: Be Unique

Be sure that your article is unique by passing the Creative Commons License. We love hearing new ideas and love sharing new ideas even more.  So, just keep it awesome and new and we have a deal!

This is not a guest post but it sure is unique:

Number of calories in boogers.

Note: We don’t promote supplements, unless they are prescribed by a physician.  We may do a product review, contact us for more details.


Due to the high volume of submission, we now charge $30 USD per post.

If the article is unrelated to the blog it will be $50 USD and buried.

All payments will be done via PayPal

Finally,  your article will be read by the staff at CoolEfitness.com we would love to just share it instead of edit it.  Please take 30 seconds to reread your article, make any corrections and site your sources, we will take wikipedia as a last resort.

We reserve the right to edit, add or change pictures, and add or change links as we choose.  We also reserve the right to refuse any article for whatever reason.  We will tell you why the articles is being refused, in hopes that you fix it and send it or another one again!

Well, that is about all.  So get those ideas flowing and start sending Cool E Fitness all the awesome stuff you are creating(we take infographics on efitness, fitness and health too).  So contact Tim and hopefully we can get your article published on coolefitness.com.

Title your email to me with:    eFitness Guest Post