Hernia Surgery and Recovery

Inside your abdomen, there is a membrane that consists of thin muscle and connective tissues, also known as the peritoneum. It is this tissue that holds all of your organs in their correct place inside your abdominal region. Your peritoneum is not especially thick, so it is possible for your organs to protrude out through a weak area or hole in it. When this happens it is known as a hernia. It can be common to have a bulge at the location, depending on where your hernia is located and how large it is.

Due to the bulge or lump, hernias are normally an easy diagnosis to make just by looking and feeling for it. This bulge, or herniated tissue, may go away when you lay down or stand up but can come back from simply coughing. If you believe that you may have a hernia you should always consult with your doctor to get their opinion on the level of severity and course of treatment. Sometimes hernias might go away on their own, but corrective surgery can also be a common treatment.

You’ve Just had Surgery, Now What?

Now it is time for you to sit back and relax. Allow your body to heal and give yourself some time to rest. Right after you have surgery you will likely need to spend a large amount of the day every day laying down and attempting to stay still. Doing much more than this will more often than not cause you to experience some serious pain at your surgical site. One more thing you will need to make a conscious effort not to do is to make any sudden movements such as sitting up rapidly. You could tear your stitches if you have them or reopen your incision site. This is something that you should always try to avoid because doing so could result in further complications post surgery.

Recovering from Hernia Surgery

So you have had hernia correction surgery and now you are ready to try to get back into shape or just be able to go about your daily activities without the pain. Most of the time you can begin attempting small activities after around three weeks. You may be itching to get back into some type of strenuous exercises or sports, but you should probably wait a minimum of roughly six weeks. Listen to your body and trust it. Surgery of any kind is going to be traumatic on your body and recovery from almost any surgery is a process that you will need to be patient with.

While you are recovering from hernia repair surgery there are some things that you can do to help aid and even possible speed up the healing process. Rest when you feel that you need to and try to push yourself slightly when your body allows you to do so. You might try using an abdominal hernia belt, it would be a great tool for compressing the region of your abdomen that was damaged by a hernia. Also, these belts might help you recover a little quicker and reduce the pain you feel associated with your hernia. Wearing one has the potential to reduce the chances of you having another hernia, like one in the surgical incision area where your peritoneum is trying to heal.

Back to Normal?

Maybe it has been about twelve to fourteen weeks since your surgery, and you might just be wondering if you are back to your normal self. After this amount of time, you more than likely are entirely back to normal and just shy of being completely back to your old self. By now you should be able to do your choice of physically demanding activities, be it sports, weightlifting, running, or whatever you enjoy. By this point, you have given your body what it needed to heal properly, now you get to enjoy all that your life has to offer.

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