How potato becomes a banana!

               Do you like potatoes? I certainly do! From Mumbai’s Vada pao to McDonald’s French fries, potato has been there for us since forever. But this article isn’t about the potato; it’s about YOU!

Yes, you read it right. You are the potato here. How? Well I am sure you have heard the term ‘Couch Potato’ but do you know where it came from? Let me tell you the story of the Couch Potato.

Once upon a time (in 1979), an LA Times article read, “…and the Couch Potatoes who will be lying on couches watching television as they are towed towards the parade route.” According to the man who coined the phrase, he first uttered it during a phone call on July 15, 1976.

More specifically, the man who breathed the phrase into existence was Tom Lacino.  He stated he coined the phrase during “a phone call to a friend. His girlfriend answered, and it was just an off-the-top sort of thing when I said, ‘Hey, is the couch potato there?’ She looked over and there he was on the couch, and she started cracking up.” And that’s the end of story!

So are you among those who sit in front of the screen and rarely move? Come on! I know you are thinking about those small walks you make while going to your workplace or market, but that doesn’t count! Everybody does that.  The truth is, that you spend most of your day sitting in front of a screen and hence you are a Couch Potato!

What’s wrong with it, you ask? Nothing except that the way you are living, your heart is getting weaker, your body is becoming a potato and soon, maybe a few decades later, you won’t be able to leave the bed if this goes on. Don’t compare yourself to your grandparents, as during their times, there were no vehicles and they had to travel miles on foot at your age. Your old age won’t be that easy-peasy. And if you consider their days to be hard, well you should probably change the way you live.

So I’ll tell you the secret of how to make a Banana out of a Potato. And I know where your mind is going but I am talking about the banana because –

  1. It has zero shape (Lean Body)
  2. It has no tummy and
  3. It is totally healthy and doesn’t make one fat!

To become a banana, here’s what you should do:

  1. Start waking up early and going for runs. Start with 1k run a day, and increase it to 5k over the week. The best time to run is early morning. This is because during this time, the sunlight has higher concentrations of Vitamin D which you can’t get after 8 A.M. due to the pollution. After 8 A.M., it’s just UV rays. Surprisingly, Vitamin D also helps in controlling other body processes and hence in controlling Diabetes, Blood pressure and other such problems.
  2. Start taking a balanced diet. Note that a balanced diet is not the same as eating less. It means taking the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats and calories that your body requires, neither more nor less. You should also avoid taking a heavy dinner as the digestion is not as effective when you are sleeping. Hence, eating heavy meals before sleeping isn’t considered a wise option.
  3. Treat your body with a workout plan. Most of us don’t exercise and hence most parts of our body are jammed and our muscles become rigid. And then we complain about the pain in our joints and extreme exhaustion. What you need is not a doctor, but a workout plan in your daily routine.

Earlier, there was just one way of doing all this, which was doing it all by yourself. So you could measure what you eat, how many carbohydrates, calories, etc. it has. You would have to measure the distance over the mile stone to track the distance you covered and depend on the clock to measure your speed. You’d have to go to some fancy place where an expert would come and guide you through a workout video and if he’s absent, there’s no way to do it. Fortunately, today, you have much better alternatives.

From setting an alarm to bringing food to your doorstep, you have an app for everything these days. There are apps for fitness activities too! They’re there to track how much you run, how fast you run and how you are improving. They can measure the calories, vitamins, carbohydrates etc. that you consume in each meal and help you balance your diet. They can even suggest a diet for you! They can also help you with your workouts by displaying videos where professionals perform various exercise routines, which you can watch and mimic. Sounds Easy? Well then what are you waiting for, old age?

Want further guidance? Don’t ask me, I don’t know more. Fortunately, there are apps to hire experts too. So go ahead and hire a fitness expert or a dietitian or a running expert to guide you further and help you reach your goals. The online training is not only effective, but is more economical and better than training-in-person.

Want my personal suggestion? I’d recommend trying “Fitso Running & Fitness App” as it is the only app that has all the features mentioned above, all free except expert consultation. Otherwise, you’ll have to download multiple apps, where you’ll have to pay for necessary features too, such as workout plans. So go ahead and be a banana!



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