How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for Your Lifestyle

Can fitness trackers give you enough motivation to run that extra mile or swim that extra lap? Many people believe so! Wearable technology is on the rise and continues to be a popular choice for people who are on a fitness journey. Many fitness trackers are equipped with smart phone apps and online interactive logbooks where you can track and monitor your fitness data over time. These features assist in creating a wonderful user experience for fitness enthusiasts.

Having a device that tracks your activity can provide you with enough motivation to help you reach your goal. Check out these tips to help you choose a fitness tracker that will help you reach your goals and match your lifestyle.

What Is Your Favorite Activity?

When fitness trackers were first introduced, any tracker would suffice! With the increasing technology, you can now choose a tracker that best suits your activity needs. When you are choosing a tracker, it is important that you take into consideration what type of activity you will be doing while wearing the tracker so that you will get full credit for your activity.

There are certain trackers that are specific to each workout. Activities like swimming, running, stationary activities, walking, all have trackers that match each workout.

The Garmin Swim watch records swim distance, detects your stroke type and calculates your efficiency. This is the perfect watch for lap swimmers!

Fitbits are also another very popular fitness tracker choice as they calculate and track different workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and more! This watch is chosen by many people who enjoy endurance activities, running, walking, or just switching up their workouts from day to day. There are mobile and online tools that allow you to sync stats so you can monitor your progress!

There is also a way to share and compete with friends on the leaderboard. Some coworkers of mine really enjoy competing with each other using this aspect. If you are competitive, the Fitbit might be the perfect choice for you.

If running is your activity of choice, you definitely should invest in a fitness tracker that has a built in GPS so that you can learn ever detail about your run. You can see the points at which you run fastest or slowest, and see what kind of terrain gave you problems. The TomTom Spark has a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS, and even a way to store over 500 songs so you can listen to them wirelessly while you run.

What Is Your Style?

Another aspect you should consider when purchasing a fitness tracker is your style. Some companies are adapting and offering more stylish and skinnier versions of the watch so that it fits well with whatever outfit you may be wearing. The Fitbit Alta and the Misfit Shine Fitness are both stylish watches that combine activity trackers that you can wear anywhere! The newest generation of wearable technology has become much more stylish and can double as jewelry!

I would love to hear about your favorite fitness tracker and what activity you use it for?

As for myself, I have a Polar Loop and I love the different features that sync to my phone and allow me to track my activity on five different intensity levels. It’s perfect for me because I love participating in many different types of fitness from barre classes to running to intense Orangetheory Fitness classes.

By Guest Author: Lauren Byrd

Lauren is a contributing writer and media specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and fitness blogs.

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