How to Exercise On a Long Road Trip

Looking forward to the next road trip? Wondering which are the most amazing bridges to drive across North America and Europe? Whichever place you choose to take your road trip, it is important to know some exercises you can do on a long road trip.

Snack tops, sightseeing and singalongs can be exciting while you are on a road trip. However, after spending most of the time in one position, your body might feel tired. If you are crammed in a car with no room to wiggle, you would want to move your body a little bit.

Staying in the car for long during a road trip can be tough on your body. You can experience cramped legs, stiff neck, headache, stiff back and fatigue among others. The best way to deal with all these conditions and ensure blood is pumping in your body is working out your muscles.

Without necessarily pulling over, you can engage in the following moves to keep your body active and eliminate fatigue. I have also covered exercises that you can do outside the car.

Exercises to do inside the car

The following are some effective exercises you can do inside your car.

  • Scapular retraction

Sit straight and have your arms dropped and relaxed to your sides. While your spine is straight, elevate your shoulders towards the ears. Then rotate your shoulders. You can begin with a shrug then rotate the shoulders back and down while squeezing the shoulder blades together. You can repeat this exercise for one minute.

  • Seated ankle flexion

Sit tall and ensure your toes point towards your shins.  Ensure you keep your heels on the floor and then hold for three seconds. Push your toes to the floor and lift your heels. Hold for 3 seconds before you repeat position A. Do this for one full minute.

  • Isometric Holds

This is an effective way to keep your muscles active without moving your body. Sit up tall and pull belly button to your spine. You can hold two breaths and then release slowly. Repeat the same process about five times to work out your abs.

  • Relaxation techniques

With your palms up, keep your hand under the dashboard and ensure your elbows are tight by your sides. Then press against the dash for about 10 seconds. Repeat the same process and this will help to relax your body.

  • Moving lower body

If you want to move your lower body, squeeze your glutes together hard for 5010 seconds then release. You can choose to place a soft item like a pillow between your legs to activate the inner thighs.

  • Raise the roof

This is an exercise you can do for one minute. Sit tall and ensure your spine is straight and abdominals engaged. Extend your arms above your head while pushing your palms to the car’s ceiling. Stay in this position for three seconds and release. Then bring back your arms back down to the sides. Do this for one minute.

Exercises to do outside the car

When outside the car, you can try these two exercises:

  • Seated side bend

Sit tall and keep your hands behind your head while your fingers clasped. While your spine is straight, bend to the right slowly and stretch your side. Do the same on the left and keep alternating side for one minute.

  • Stop and walk

Keep your shoulders back and walk with your posture tall. You can take long steps while pushing off your foot ball with each step and this will help in activating your calves.


Final Words

Remember, the whole idea of a road trip is to enjoy the sights. One of the best ways you can do that is through walks. You don’t have to spend the whole time inside the car. Plan several walks and hikes to keep your body active.

You should also ensure that you keep your body hydrated by taking enough water. This will help in boosting the energy levels as well as increase bathroom breaks. The more you take breaks, the more you get the chance to exercise and stretch your body.

When you going for the next road trip, make good use of the above exercises to avoid pain and fatigue caused by sitting in the car all day. These are simple exercises that will help you stay fit when on the road.

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