How To Get Your BioRing For Free

The BioRing By Indiegogo


Forbes has sited the BioRing as potentially being the next evolution in wearable tech. But for those of you who are asking what the heck a BioRing is, well we’ll start by giving you a short intro into the product! The BioRing is a breakthrough in wellness technology and probably one of the smallest if not the smallest technological device for tracking and better yet keeping you accountable for your fitness goals. It is of actual ring size, hints the name, and is actually still in prototype phase. But a simple ring on your finger in the form of a BioRing can at an instant track things like:

  • Calorie intake
  • Sleep patterns
  • Heart rate
  • How many calories you are burning
  • Levels of stress
  • How hydrated you are
  • Fat intake
  • Protein Intake
  • How many steps you have taken
  • The intensity of your activities

Delving Deeper Into The Benefits On The BioRing

Ring_Render_e24m7oIt has lately been referred to by its creator Indiegogo as “The Personal Trainer on Your Finger”, keeping your accountable all day all while boasting a distinct sense of style and added fashion to your wardrobe with its polished Scandinavian design! But all fashion benefits aside, this little ring can be an absolute game changer in a healthier you.

With its ability to monitor your macronutrient intake, it allows you to constantly keep track of your goals and not get too far off track. Whether you want to build muscle or burn fat, the BioRing will always have your consumption numbers at the ready allowing you to adjust accordingly.

The results are shown on your smart phone as soon as the BioRing is synced, allowing you all day access your personal results, easily beating the traditional ways of writing everything you eat down and/or using calorie-tracking apps!

They have also taken into account the stress cannot only ruin your fitness goals, but damper your lifestyle. This is why they also have a stress level monitor on the BioRing, allowing you to know when your stress levels are too high, allowing you to know when you need to settle down and return your stress hormones to normal.

The other incredible factor that comes with sporting the BioRing is that it actually measures certain aspects that favor better productivity in your life and intern provides information that will allow you to become even more productive based off of what is already helping your daily productivity levels!

All of these readings are provided to the owner of the BioRing by the mechanism of bio-impedance, which is a non-invasive electrical pulse that shoots through the body and monitors the factors talked about above. To give the user even more personalized results, it actually learns your metabolic rhythm over the course of an entire week tailoring much more individual data and feedback.

The BioRing is becoming a hot commodity already as most of the prototypes are already sold out. But if you can get your hands on one, you have the choice of matte black, sterling silver as well as 18 karat gold!

Other Non-Health Benefit Specs

The BioRing is also waterproof up to 10 meters deep and holds a 7-day charge, which once low on batteries only takes 1 hour to fully regain its charger. The material is actually scratchproof and very durable, created out of ceramic zirconium. It also saves your data for a 7 day period just incase you are not close to your phone to monitor your data.

The BioRing is also data encrypted allowing you to be free from worry about someone trying to access your personal data.

The BioRing starts it’s tracking process 15-20 minutes after consumption has started.

How To Get Your BioRing For Free

Now all of this sounds pretty out of this world by now right?! Well not only is all factual, but you can also pick up a model for yourself at no cost! BioRings are selling anywhere from but you can get yours for free by referring 4 friends to buy the BioRing. Once you refer 4 people and they secure their orders Indiegogo will send you one to your doorstep at NO cost! Now you can reap the benefits of “The Personal Trainer on Your Finger” for free!




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