How to grow herbs indoors with many healthy benefits?

Herbs with incredibly many health benefits and how to grow them indoors

Herbs have been part of the human natural medicine since the ancient times, and that is because they demonstrate excellent healing capabilities for many health conditions. Besides, they contain many ingredients that promote healthy growth and perhaps that could explain why leading dietary lifestyle without herbs would just be impossible.

Besides regulating the freshness of the air in places where they are planted, herbs also add décor, and you can use them once in a while to spice up your diets and enjoy the many health benefits they bring. You can carry healing benefits of herbs to the modern times by considering practices such as indoor herb gardening. It just starts by picking the right herbs that can excellently thrive without unreasonably many maintenance procedures, and be certain that the following recommendations would be a great pick.

Lemon Balm

This herb is packed with many antioxidants that promote mental relaxation by stimulating stress and anxiety relief. It also acts as a natural remedy for toothaches, headache, and menstrual cramps. Its antiviral properties work excellently at speeding cold recovery. If you are suffering from mild episodes of indigestion, you can drink a soup of lemon balm on a daily basis and be certain that you can be relieved from digestive issues such as bloating. You can use lemon balm extract to flavor many flavor sauces, soups, and even seafood.


Though mint is mostly popular for its refreshing aroma, it has many nutritional benefits as well. It is considered to have a high antioxidant property than many herbs, and consuming it regularly can greatly help end stomach upsets associated with overeating. The herb extracts can also be used to reduce minor skin swellings and inflammations – to make use of this property, you need to add some mint extracts to cucumber and add some little water to the mixture to make a solution which you can then rub on the affected skin location. Mint also works favorably well if used as a flavor for porridge, soup, and vegetable products. It intensifies sweetness of fresh fruits and does work wells with melons and berries.


Basil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin K in plenty, a mineral that plays a lot of role in boosting blood clotting and strengthening the bones. Many Italian cuisines such as pesto, salads, and meat are flavored using Basil, and that is because the herb gives an incredibly tasty flavor. The herb can also be used to complement flavors of seafood, and it also adds terrific zest to spring rolls and summer soup.


This herb is rich in potassium, a mineral which helps to promote healthy blood circulation and heart beating. It demonstrates excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and drinking a cup of sage tea can excellently soothe the throat. Its incredible flavor makes it an ideal match for use in dairy, poultry and pork products.

Tips on how to effectively grow these herbs indoors

Regular watering is a procedure that you can’t escape even if you are running an indoor garden herb. The soil structure can quickly get devoid of adequate moisture, so it is important to maintain regular watering especially for herbs such as basil and mint. Frequent pruning of the herbs’ leaves can also stimulate them to develop fresh new leaves and this practice you shouldn’t disregard.

If you wish to grow more than one herb species in a single location, you must be keen on your choices since some herbs don’t do well if paired with some species. For instance, parsley does show poor growth properties if paired with mint and that is because the nutrients and water demand for the herbs are different. It can be a fun idea to try matching combinations such as tomatoes and basil, and sage/rosemary combinations. Matching herbs can excellently thrive and also greatly minimize the spread of fungal diseases.

Herbs can only thrive indoors if they are provided with the right conditions. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden can be an ideal pick if you wish to have an indoor gardening system that provides the right LED lighting, growth and watering conditions. You may not get everything right if you decide to condition your indoor garden by yourself. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden system can make your indoor gardening routines simpler since it enables herbs to grow five times faster than when they are grown on soil. The system also supports many plants, and it is incredibly simple to set up.

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