How to make the Olympics work for you

Turn the Greatest Show on Earth to your Advantage!

Every four years the world is glued to their television screens as the greatest athletes, compete for the greatest prize, in their respective sports at the Olympic Games. I’m not sure of if it’s the attraction of watching individuals and teams from pretty much every country in the world in sports that don’t normally grace mainstream television like handball, fencing and canoe slalom. Or if it’s just the wonderful atmosphere and pleasure of seeing sportsmen and women at the peak of their sports giving everything in order to win.

Whatever it is, you can’t fail to be anything but inspired by the Olympics and for those of you who are not quite sure what to do with your new found inspiration; hopefully you’ll take something from what I’ve written below.

Take up an alternative sport

One of the great things about the Olympics is the huge array of sports on offer; most of which don’t get any attention from the media at any other time. If you’re sitting there watching TV and one of the events really gets you excited or if you could do better (with a bit of training of course) then try and find somewhere that you can do that locally.

Set your goals and don’t let anything get in your way

In order to achieve most things in life it is important to know your goals and what it will take to complete them. Getting fit is absolutely no different, before you actually embark on your work-out sit down and write down exactly what your goals are then decide how you’re going to achieve them. I’m fairly certain that every single Olympian that you see on TV has gone through exactly the same thing in order to get where they are (obviously your aims might be a little less ambitious!).

Once you have your goal, that’s it, make sure you follow the route you have set yourself. So if you were over ambitious or a bit too pessimistic then you only have yourself to blame. Just look at where some of these Olympic athletes come from; many come from war torn countries or places suffering from massive natural disaster. Yet they have all made it onto the greatest stage in the world.

Look after your body

Olympic athletes are at the peak of human physical fitness and in order to look and perform like they do, their coaches make sure that they take excellent care of their bodies. This means working out pretty much every day; take double Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington for example, she spends 4 hours every day in the pool, as well as three gym sessions and multiple long distance runs every week. I’m aware that not many of you will either be able to commit this much time or have targeted Olympic medals but the point remains; you have to regularly stretch your body to its limits.

Not only do they work-out more in a week than we do in our lives but they also refrain from smoking, drugs obviously and many also have a zero alcohol policy. They are also incredibly careful about what they eat and when they eat it; it is also so important for people trying to live healthier lives to get enough sleep most nights.

Believe you can do it

Now I know that can sound pretty cliché but self-belief is absolutely essentially in order to be successful in any walk of life. Now let’s just get one thing straight; there is a massive difference between self-belief and being confident or arrogant. I also don’t buy into the whole, “if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything” because quite frankly that’s not true; however, it does help. All Olympians have a belief in their own ability which helps perform in pressured situations; so if you want to take anything from the Olympics take that.

Josh Hansen writes for XXPress PCR an innovative biotechnology company in the UK.




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