How to Stay Healthy and Fit in the Long Run

Health and fitness is not solely associated with diet and workout as most of the people believe. It is more about adopting healthy habits and altering your way of life. You might be able to achieve a thin waistline by crash diet or heavy workout but how long does it last? Even you know it keeps fluctuating and never balanced as it should be.

So, change your lifestyle by incorporating little healthy habits that can help you stay active and fit for a lifetime. What are those habits? Let us have a read!


Say ‘No’ to Gadgets in Bed

Since the rise of social media and socializing through other means on the phone, people have lost their peaceful sleep at the cost of checking a few notifications or pointless stories. The constant beeping of your phone and scrolling down your news feed keeps a lot of people up till late without them realizing it. It leaves you feeling restless and lethargic the next day. If you want to wake up with a fresh mind and an active body, put away all your gadgets or turn them to silent half hour before you go to bed.


Track Your Water Intake

Although we know how important water is for the body and we believe that we take enough water, we actually do not. With our busy routine and moving life, we often get reluctant about drinking water and staying hydrated. Water is not only a source of hydration but it also detoxifies the body and keeps the inside clean. Therefore, I would recommend you to keep a bottle of a size that is convenient for you to carry. Finish it about two to three times a day. This way you will be able to track your water intake and stay properly hydrated without an excuse.


Walk Everywhere

Being on foot even when you have an option relax is a good way to use the muscles more often and keep them active without spending hours in hardcore workout. Take stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Walk to the station rather than taking a metro. Walk whenever and wherever you can. You can also track your steps and the calories you burnt by simply downloading an app for that in your phone.


Say ‘No’ to Addiction

Any sort of addiction in life can put a negative impact on the body and mind. It is necessary to get control of it. You cannot do so by simply making up your mind to give it up as it is only going to last until you need it again the next time. Therefore, the right approach as per me is to distract yourself whenever the thought of it occurs to you. For instance, if you are a weed smoker, tell yourself you need to munch something sweet whenever you feel the need of weed.


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