Impact of Wearable Technology on Health and Daily Activities

About Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is also known as wearable gadgets. It is a technical device worn by the customer that has a tracking system which can inform you about health and fitness-related information. Some other wearable tech gadgets use small motion sensors that can take photos and that have the option to sync with your mobile devices. This article highlights my experience and observation using this technology.

Impact of Wearable Technology

Several of my friends, relatives, and neighbors have used this technology without thinking much about its impact. The question is: How does wearable technology impact our health and daily activities.

Though there are debates about wearable technology, companies worldwide are developing their own wearable devices. Many types of wearable devices are available. For example, you can easily carry it to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. You can also use it to lose weight and control your diabetes by monitoring all of these fitness factors. You can now monitor the food and ingredients you buy, and even measure the fat in your meat, by using wearable technology. Some wearable technical devices include smart watches, eyeglasses, clothing, shoes, socks, etc. Here is a short list of some wearable tech devices by brand.

  • Google Glasses

Google has given us so many exciting types of technology that are used daily, making our lives easier and more entertaining. For a long time now, Google has been working to develop wearable technology. Google has already refined wearable Google glasses that are going to be available soon. According to their plan, these glasses will come in different shapes and sizes, but will not be very affordable for the average consumers, at least right away.

Google glasses represent the future. Google is working within the eyeglass arena to figure out how to configure Google glasses for prescription lenses. This technology is remarkable because one day you may be able to check up on your health right from Google glasses. In time, you may no longer even need a computer anymore.

  • Apple Corporation

The design of Apple’s smart watch is magnificent because it also has features that help you monitor your health. All you will need is an iPhone or Wi-Fi technology to be able to use this technology. The world is changing and the support needed for daily health activities is also changing. More advanced wearable watches are now available for monitoring your health, which are also affordable enough for the average consumers.

  • Commbadge

Another tech device is the Commbadge. This is a hands-free communication device for wherever you are. The developer of this states that it is “the only wearable personal communicator for iPhone and Android.” You’ll have seamless access to Siri and Google Now voice command functions. You can also simply use your voice to send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings, and many other actions. It will become cheaper to buy just like a cellphone or smart TV.

  • GoPro

Don’t forget about the company that has already been making a fortune in wearable technology. GoPro is a company that has already developed wearable cameras and so many other devices. You can see the capability of the wearing body camera just by observing its use at the recent events.

Wearable technology has improved so much that even law enforcement agencies have taken interest in wearing this amazing technology in the future. Most customers are also wearing some type of these devices for their own health and protection as well. Tracking your health is now easy with wearable technology. Tracking weight loss and body fat levels is one example.

In summary, wearable technology is going be used by everyone, even our children, in the near future. As a consumer we are always excited to find out more when it comes to new technology, and this one is going to be a life changer one day.

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Evie Coles is a gadget lover and a freelance health blogger. She enjoys reading, writing, and blogging. In this article discusses how wearable technology has helped in monitoring health but in serious case you should must visit Phentermine Doctors In Your City to take weight loss and health advice.


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