Keeping Your Knees Healthy

Your knees do the lion’s share of supporting you during just about any activity you participate in that requires you to be on your feet. This includes simple actions too, such as standing up, walking, and running, so you definitely want to take good care of them. There are various ways to go about keeping your knees healthy and safe, as well as reduce the potential risk of an injury. It is up to you to choose what works best for you and what you prefer, so try a few methods if you have never done them before. It will usually be easier to take preventative measures and keep your knees in good shape than it will be to recover from a knee injury.

Knee Health and Activity

There are some activities that can be very helpful in keeping your knees limber and strong. One simple thing you can do is dynamically stretch for a few minutes before doing anything that requires physical exertion. Doing this may help prevent injuries to the muscles or ligaments of the knees.

Yoga is another option for you when you are trying to keep your knees fit. Actually, doing yoga could help improve your overall flexibility and possibly even strengthen your core and back. It could also help with anxiety and tension, and aid in relaxation. When you are practicing yoga, it may be a good idea to bring an extra yoga mat or towel to place underneath your knee or knees during poses that require you to place your entire body weight onto one or both of your knees. This has the possibility to reduce the pressure on your knees during those poses and make them a little easier to hold.

Listen to Your Knees

Whenever you are doing any kind of strenuous activities that you know are going to be putting added pressure or weight on your knees try to stay conscious of that. Your knees, just like almost any other part of your body, will tell you what they can and cannot handle. The means of communication that your body will use most of the time will be the pain that you feel. It will be up to you to pay attention and listen to what your knees are telling you, and to stop what you are doing if you need to.

Use Knee Aids

There are physical supports for your knees as well, these come in many forms. Things like ice packs, heating pads, and braces just to name a few. When it comes to braces there are several different types, some for recovering from an injury and others for preventing one, and some that work for both purposes.

Using a compression knee brace can have many benefits, and may be used for multiple needs. Compression braces are often used to alleviate swelling or mild pain and may also provide some additional support to the joint. These are also good to wear if you are going for a run or to play a sport, or just through your day to day activities because they add support without preventing your knee from moving in its natural range of motion. Compression knee braces can help increase blood flow to the knee and throughout the join itself, they are also a good choice because of their ability to stay in place during activities that require large amounts of motion.

Your Knees and You

Keeping your knees healthy might help to keep you healthy overall. So taking steps to ensure that your knees are well protected will likely produce benefits for the rest of your body as a byproduct. This might aid in reducing your chances of having a knee injury as well. The faster you start working on the health of your knees, the sooner you could see and feel the results so why wait?

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