Keto Day 1: Macros and Goals

So I decided to try the Keto diet.  Over the last 5 months, I have been extremely diligent on a balanced diet 40% carbs, 20% fat and 40% protein. The plan worked pretty well.  I lost about 16 total pounds.  My problem was friends who were on the same program were losing weight MUCH faster.  I know weight loss isn’t the main objective, it should be body fat percentage, which I lost about 6% body fat over the same period of time, but weight loss is easy to know if something is “working.”

So because I didn’t lose 3% a month in body fat, which was the goal and 4 lbs a week, again the goal, I made the assumption that maybe my body deals with carbs in a way that hold on to them.  I have seen the Keto diet for a while now and felt it would be worth trying.

So I am going to give updates on my blog about my Keto Journey and the tools that I use.  I hate tracking food, but I like meal planning.  Everything I do is simple!!  Like super simple, so I am hoping if someone finds this, that the tools I use help them.

Instead of new meals every day I eat the same thing for 7 days and adjust.  I was in the Marine Corps, so I can eat anything for a few days.

Macro Target

Carbs 3%

Fat 70%+

Protein 25%

Anyway day 1 Stats:

Weight: 191 lbs

BM: 28%

The goal

Weight: 175

BM: 15%


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