Ladies, do your loved ones cause you anxiety

anxietyWomen fall prey to anxiety twice in number compared to men, a recent article in the wall street journal suggests. There can be numerous reasons for  women becoming victim of anxiety.

Several research studies have been conducted to find the reason for this increase in anxiety in women.

According to research, the prime reason why women tend to be more anxious is that women take responsibility for the happiness of other people.  This includes their spouse and children. This problem comes almost naturally to women. The endless effort to make the loved ones happy seems leads to higher anxiety in women.

According to a psychology research journal, anoth reason for anxiety in women is feeling of ‘uh oh.’ This feeling is registered by the brain whenever women feel as though they have committed a mistake. This type feeling immediately causes tension increasing their anxiety and decreasing many women’s ability to deal with the issue.

A more detailed research was conducted in a world renowned university, where the “error-related negativity(ERN)” signal was put to test. The ERN is a type of electrical wave that the human brain carries which can be detected with the help of electroencephalogram. The sample of the study consisted of men and women both. They all were put to test and the general rule established was, “higher the worry, higher would the ERN reading would be.”

In the study the researchers took the brain activity or 70 male and 79 female undergraduate students during a ‘letter-flanking’ test in which the participants had to identify the middle letter in a series of five letters.

Before conduction of research process, every candidate provided information and detail about themselves, and then the process was conducted. The results of the research are discussed below, ex FFIFF.

Both men and women performed well in the test. However, the women who marked “high worriers” on the participation questionnaire, showed higher ERN signals when they committed some errors during testing. On the other hand, the men who marked themselves as ‘high worriers’ did not show the same high ERN as the women with high worry problem.

In the study, when the task got difficult, anxious women started committing more mistakes, and their anxiousness hindered the process of simpler cognitive tasks. However, the male high worriers did not exhibit any such behavior.

Ladies anxiety about anything is not so good.  If you are struggling with similar issue TALK TO SOME ONE!  This article comes to us from the peeps over at  Thank you guys for bringing this topic to light.

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