No One Really Wants To Eat A Butter Finger

butterfinger imageSo I love my parents, as most people should, unless you had some horrible life thing happen. If that is the case then I am sorry, but that has nothing to do with Butterfingers or this story, so we move forward. So like I said I love my parents.  They came to visit this weekend and as a surprise my mom gave me this giant box of Butterfingers.  I had mentioned previously to her that along with cookies, Butterfingers are a weakness of mine.

I have made it a goal to eliminate excess sugar from my diet.  I am pretty stubborn when it comes to change, but after watching this awesome video I have scientifically seen my errors.  I have lost about 10 pounds so far and I am not really even trying, go me!

Anyways the point of this story isn’t to brag, but really to talk about impulse.

We thrive on impulse and reaction.  There is very little we actually consider, as Americans.  Want a new dress – CREDIT, need a new car – LOAN, want some food – NOM.  We don’t really take the time to mull over a decision, if it is instantly obtainable.

Story time:  Let’s assume you are bored at work and you need to go for a walk.  You know there is a 7 eleven just down the street so you head in that direction.  You get to the store and go to turn around. You then open the door to just “look around.”

Twenty five minutes later you walk out with a fountain drink and a Butterfinger.  The whole time you are saying to yourself, “I don’t really want this why am I buying it?”  But you proceed.  You walk out the store and then eat your goodies before you make it back up to your office.  Perhaps you don’t want anyone to see the crap you just purchased, or maybe you feel guilty for buying and consuming this crap you didn’t want.  In either case you just consumed 1000 calories and it is 3pm.

So you go home and you have to fake like you are hungry, even though you just ate, so that people don’t know what you just did.

This concept gets repeated on a far too regular basis and BAM you just gained 10 pounds and you can’t really figure out why.

So, what to do?

Well I will be honest, this is a HUGE struggle of mine.  I actually don’t like eating.  I feel like it is a waste of money and an unfortunate necessity.  I go to a restaurant and pay way too much for something I could have made at home. OR I eat everything on the plate, because I have clean plate syndrome.  In either case after the fact I feel gross and wish I never would have eaten.

So I struggle with this, but lately I have been really good and here is how I have done it.

I allow myself to eat crap.  The key is that I only eat when I am literally hungry.  Many times that means I don’t eat “dinner,” meaning eating a meal that were to correspond to the time frame when most people partake in a meal after about say 5pm.  If I am not hungry I don’t eat no matter what time of the day it is.  I have noticed that on some days I may not eat breakfast until 10 am, I get up between 6 and 7.

gallon of waterI have also increased the amount of water I drink.  I normally drink a TON of water.  I have about a gallon a day, but I find being hydrated has really helped me focus and not be as hungry.  I still think that we confuse hunger with dehydration, because our bodies know we can get liquid from the foods we eat.

The final thing I have done is meal planning.  If I set a meal that I am going to eat then I do my best to stick to it.  Sometimes I go out to eat with the guys at work, but for the most part I stick to the plan.  Trust me when I say meal planning is hard work.  I mean who really knows what they want to eat on Friday this week.  I find the more I meal plan the less I actually care about what it is I am eating and am glad I went through the weekly hassle of picking something random from a book or online.

All the steps I have taken have worked for me.  I am not saying they are the answer, but I like them and again they work for me.  End the end I still don’t want the Butterfinger, but I eat it anyways I am just more mindful about what I am actually eating overall and allow myself the occasional impulse buy.

If you have tricks that help you be more mindful about what you eat or when you eat I would love to know about them.


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