Online Personal Training – Is worth trying?

Online Personal Training – Is worth trying?


It’s not difficult to find a coach or a trainer. All you need to do is, walk into any gym nearby and ask for one. Even then the internet is flooded with training videos, expert guidance and free plans for your goals and so many of us are searching for it. The first and the most important question that needs to be answered is, is it safe and effective??

“The major benefit of online training is, the affordability, flexibility & quality”, says Saurabh Agarwal, founder of the fitness app Fitso that provides an online personal trainer. “We ask a specific set of questions from our clients to understand their requirements and then our coaches design a weekly training plan for them. Plus, the client has the option to choose the time to complete the workouts as per their lifestyle. Our workouts are designed taking into account the busy routines and do not require any specific equipment. The amount they charge for online training is less than half the cost of a one-hour training session offline.”

But, one thing that these platforms lack is: physical contact. To provide personal training you need to:

  • Know their current form
  • Keep them motivated
  • Avoid possible injuries

Are these checks possible online?

Saurabh says, “We have to put in extra effort to understand the client and make sure they get what they are looking for.” At Fitso, we provide weekly schedule to our clients and each user gets customized in-app video workouts. Our trainers study their performance on a daily basis and accordingly design the next workout plan for them. We always advice our clients to be in regular touch with their trainer via the in-app chat feature.”

“We focus on introducing small healthy habits into the lives of our users, which will be beneficial for them all through their lives.”

But the most important question is the final result. Is there any major difference in the results gained through online training compared to availing the services of a real life trainer? Fitso provides online training for Running, Weight Loss, Weight Gain and many more goals. Many of these goals just require a proper schedule and a customized plan rather than a lot of instructions. But, if you are looking for an intense training with heavy weights then you need a real-life trainer.

I have personally tried both a real-life trainer and online personal training, and in my opinion online training can be better and can deliver noticeable results because of the flexibility provided. So, if you cannot afford personal trainers or you’re somebody who has too busy a schedule to fix a time for your trainer, online training is probably the best for you.

Please leave a comment if you have any doubts or in case you wish to share your experiences also.

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