Overcoming Drug Addiction as an Athlete

Drug and alcohol addiction are not a sudden event. It creeps in gradually. With athletes, it usually begins with a traumatic injury or abusing the body over a period of time. The road down the slippery slope begins with a competitive spirit and an inner drive to win. This leads to forcing the body to continue to improve until it is stretched beyond its limits and breakdowns begin to occur. The desire to be the best is still there, so some athletes begin to seek performance assistance through drugs.

Generally, body pain is a part of the issue. An enhanced performance also comes into play. It starts with an occasional drug dosage but is easy to begin to enjoy the better performance and lack of pain. All too soon, the drug is taken more frequently, and in higher doses. The body becomes dependent on the drug and the athlete is now addicted. It seems it would be as easy to stop as it was to become addicted, but unfortunately coming clean is very hard physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Signs of Addiction

Physical signs include changes in the eye that appear bloodshot or glazed with the pupils either dilated or constricted. Another factor is abrupt weight changes, usually weight loss. If the drug abuse involves needles or the drug is sniffed, the area may show signs of infection or bruises.

Those who take pain or enhancement drugs regularly begin to display behavioral changes also. Personality changes become noticeable, such as more signs of increased irritability and aggression. Look for signs of depression and lethargy. You may witness changes in their friends or see more anti-social behaviors. Personal priorities, as well as habits, may show a dramatic shift. Often financial problems develop that could lead to criminal activity.

Health problems often accompany drug addiction in athletes. These drugs are hard on the body’s organs. Drugs can increase your heart rate, damage the liver, and interfere with kidney function. They can also damage the brain as well as the immune system being compromised. Often there are often several different drugs taken that create a chemical cocktail in the body with unknown side effects. Street drugs combined with prescription drugs may cause dependency to occur more quickly.

Ways to Kick the Habit

Athletes have a strong willpower developed with years of discipline and think that cold turkey/ just quit method is the answer but this method rarely works. It is like a drowning man trying to rescue himself. These drugs change the chemical makeup of your body and generally, it takes more than willpower to get the body to lose its dependency.

There is a Daytona rehab center that is set up to help athletes recover from addiction with a safe and effective program. Trained staff is available to assist an addict back to recovery. It is a safe step by step method to assure the recovery is completed in an atmosphere that is dedicated to your health and well-being all day, every day you are there.

The first step is admitting the problem and wanting help. Surround yourself with people dedicated to guiding you back to a healthy life that is not bound with drug addiction. Check out a Daytona rehab center as the source to gain back your well-being.

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