Review of Healbe Calorie Tracker

People are becoming more and more concern about tracking their physical activities and body nutrients while they exercise. More and more activity trackers are introduced as the technology progresses. So, people are looking for a device which can do multiple tasks at a time rather than buying separate devices for wearing, tracking, and maintaining requirements.

Today, I am going to review the Healbe Calorie Tracker, which is a wearable device which acts as an activity tracker too. It automatically counts calories which is game-changing for dieters.

By wearing it on your wrist, it will start measuring your blood glucose and the movements you make to calculate the total calorie intake and outlays.

What actually the Healbe GoBe is?

The Healbe GoBe is “the single way to automatically measure … calorie[s]” and also claims to be “the 100% automatic body manager”.

Stop Counting Calories. Let Healbe do it!

It is a wearable device which fits on your wrists. It tells you about the calories you burnt and consumed throughout the day. It accesses all your movements whether you are walking, running, cycling, biking, or playing sports. It calculates the calorie just like other fitness tracking devices.

Not only does it measure calories, but it also measures heart rate, hydration, stress, and sleep patterns. It does everything that a fitness tracker does and provides automatic calorie tracking. All of this tracking is completed without any logging, estimates, or hassles.

Features of Healbe Calorie Tracker

The GoBe shows you how many calories you’ve burned and consumed throughout a day.

  • Tracks positive/negative calorie balance.
  • Breaks the calorie that consumed into fat, protein, and carbs.
  • Tracks steps throughout the day.
  • Measures your heart rate every minute.
  • Measures your blood pressure.
  • Shows how many glasses of water you should drink in a day.
  • Measures sleep.
  • Measures stress. It compares your heart rate and activity level and then calculates the level of stress.
  • You can connect it to your phone with the Bluetooth system, and see all the data on your screen.

Cons of Healbe

As all the technical and non-technical invention have, the Healbe GoBe also has some things that you may not like.

  • The blood pressure measuring button works sometimes, but it is commonly said to be inaccurate.
  • It has a bulky design, so if you prefer to wear a tiny device on your wrists, then you may not like it. It is not at all uncomfortable to wear, though.
  • As told by Healbe, it has a three-day battery life. But, when I tested it practically, I noticed that the battery has less capacity than what is said.
  • It is somewhat expensive nearly $300, which is expensive than some other fitness trackers, although it is more functional.


The Healbe Calorie Tracker comes with three sensors; impedance, accelerometer, and pressure. With the combination of all these three, it measures your calories, activity, and heart rate. The combination of last two measures your sleep.

All in the end, if you are in a search for the activity and fitness tracker which can be worn on your wrists, then Healbe GoBe Calorie Tracker is what you should go for.

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