Social Networks Taking Health to the Next Level

Social networking sites are great, especially when you are looking for a crowd that is in the same interest as you.  Whether it’s Yoga, circuits, cross fit or kickboxing it’s always fun to work out with a partner, after all, we are humans and humans are designed to be social, staying connected with each other is what makes us feel alive and live life. The power of a social network is rapidly growing day by day as more and more sites are being developed and getting discovered. Martial Tribes, for instance, is the first social networking site for martial arts enthusiast and instructors.  For a trainer to be able to connect to their client is important, and really understanding their client and their needs is essential. What’s great about this subject is how much it’s good for us, and to have social networking sites bring together people who are interested in keeping fit and staying healthy is extremely encouraging for everyone. “People like to exercise with others and make it a social activity,” says Brandon Irwin, an assistant professor of kinesiology who was the study’s principal investigator. It spreads a good message and it’s a great way to connect people to inspire and motivate each other.

Gym buddies for life
Going to the gym with your friend can be great, you have a mentor, a motivator or someone to spot you on your sets. Meeting new people at the gym can be awesome, you have more gym buddies! You find someone new to swap tips with, share your fitness journey with and even go to your favorite health store and introduce that delicious protein shake too. You connect on a whole new level because you both are into the healthy living lifestyle, and want to encourage each other and push each other to your limits.

Learning new fitness/sports
When you’re looking for that new sport or exercise to take on but you’re not quite sure about it, you Google it and then you visit individual sites where you meet people on forums or fitness blogs. It’s recommended to ask advice from people that have been there and done that. They are the ones who can tell you their personal experience, and hopefully, be able to give you a better idea of how you feel if it’s the right sport or exercise for you. Ask them everything, connect with them and pick their brains, and I’m sure they would be more than happy to help.

Nutrition and healthy eating
All celebrities pay a lot of money for a professional nutritionist and diet plans, but with social networks and countless sites online, there are many sites offering free advice and tips on how healthy eating should be. What to eat and not to eat, a healthy balanced diet, the benefits of good foods, why you should not skip carbs, foods that you should eat while training, the list is endless. You’ll find comments of people asking more questions and others including their advice in there too.

The power of and social media
These days it’s all about ‘you don’t need a gym, you can workout at home’ which is true with the amount of workout videos on YouTube. All you need is space and maybe some weights if you want to push yourself that little bit extra. Fitness social networking sites are becoming popular and there are thousands of fitness freaks to follow. I’m sure you’ve come across those before and after fitness journey photos, and then there are those gym selfies of fitness models on Instagram which has been taking over our phones. It sends a powerful message ‘if I can do it, then so can you’ and it works.


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