Stand up – 5 Benefits to working from a floating desk

Whether you are working in an open or closed office, most people spend lots of hours sitting behind a desk which might be harmful to one’s health. Extremely long hours in the sitting position has the potential to cause more harm to your body gradually with long-term effects developing later on in the future.

Although you can take several breaks in between the day to refrain from prolonged periods of sitting, a floating desk is the best option. A floating desk is specifically designed to reduce the strain exerted on your spinal cord from sitting the whole day. It enables you to be productive at work as well as provide other numerous health benefits to your body.  

A Floating Desk – Desk View that has been designed with variable height is of great benefit offering more flexibility. Here are five benefits to working from a floating desk.

Increases work productivity

While it is advisable to stand and move around every once in a while to ease your back from pain, a lot of time is wasted during the process. With a floating desk, you can stand and work for longer concentrating and focus on the task at hand without taking long breaks. Concentration is important in increasing productivity since you are more engaged on what you are doing instead of back pains. With fewer aches and pains you become more active.

An improved posture

Regular bending of your back with time disfigures your spinal cord into a curved shape. This affects your entire posture as well as increase eye strain. A floating desk enables you to stand straight and at a distance from the screen when working on a computer which prevents you from slouching and your eyes from being damaged by the computer light. In overall your strength is retained keeping you in better shape.

Lowers obesity risk

Studies show that people who sat for long hours gained more weight as compared to those who did not. A floating desk enables you to stand which burns more calories from your body since standing requires energy. On the other hand, sitting burns lesser calories and therefore the majority of the calories are just stored in the body. A floating desk can also be used in weight control.

Reduces Cancer and Diabetes Risk

Beyond obesity, cancerous diseases like colon breast cancer are mostly related to lack of physical exercise and they can be caused by sitting for long hours due to the increased release of the C-reactive protein. Sitting reduced the regulation of glucose in the blood circulation system since not much energy is needed while sitting. This causes the sugar to stay unprocessed in the body accumulating with time and eventually leads to diabetes.

Longer life

A floating desk enables you to stand while working instead of sitting. With reduced chances of getting diseases like cancer, diabetes and health conditions such as obesity caused by sitting for prolonged hours, your mortality rate reduces. Reduced mortality means that your life expectancy is increased when you stand as compared to sitting. Lengthen your life by using a floating desk.

Various floating desk styles are available with some transitioning from sitting to standing with just a few swift movements. Minimize the amount of time spent sitting by purchasing one.


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