Starting on Monday

MondayIf you are like me and looking to start a new _______(fill in the blank), then the odds are you decided that today, Monday, was going to be this new beginning.  Just to be clear, everybody has their “Monday” it just so happens that most peoples’ Monday falls on the Julian Calender Monday.

I always find this conundrum interesting.  We could have started the goal immediately, but we feel we must wait, give it a starting date, and then attempt to make these ground breaking changes.

Why we choose to set this specific date is unclear to me.  It could be that we want to keep track of it by putting Xs on a calendar.  It could be that we don’t want to miss out on all the goodies at cousin Effie’s birthday party and we know Grama Pelingro makes the best blueberry cobbler pie.  The odds though is that is comes down to a commitment issue.  We don’t want to “miss out” on anything so we put off this changing process to a day that is more “convenient.”

The crazy part about picking this more convenient day is that it isn’t any more convenient than the day we made the self packed to change our behavior.  Mondays, for most people are the busiest day of the week for most people.

Think about when you go to work.  You have all the email from over the weekend you need to read and respond to.  There is typically some type of meeting you have to go to that you forgot about.  Your boss wants to reward everyone for an awesome job you have been doing.  You get invited to lunch to celebrate something that happened over the weekend.  All of these activities end up destroying your ability to start this new you process.

So naturally it makes since that “Monday” quickly becomes Tuesday. The commitment really didn’t even have a chance to get off the ground before it was changed.

There is nothing really wrong with Tuesdays, but there aren’t any really catchy Tuesday songs:

If you are looking to change something, start it immediately!

If you need to exercise more then start by conscious of what you put in your body now!

It is so much easier to make an excuse as to why we can’t stop eating the Cheetos than it is to just stop eating them, which doesn’t really make much since, but I do it all the time.

If you are looking for ways to change and start a new, DO NOT wait until the proverbial “Monday.”  Start it now.  If both of those things happen to fall on a Monday, then awesome, but if they don’t Start them NOW and don’t wait for an excuse to be made as to why you couldn’t do something you clearly want to do.

Tell us what you want to to start new with you.  Hopefully we can help keep you on the path of doing!

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