Superfoods to Help You Age with Grace and Success

Aging successfully is not about getting to 90 or 100 years, according to Dr. Richard Collins and Susan Buckley from the South Denver Cardiology Association. Successful aging is growing older while maintaining independence, health and normal bodily functions. A person who ages successfully, therefore, is able to keep doing the things he or she likes without physical impairment. There is no such thing as not aging, but statistics show that life expectancy has risen, with the US Census Bureau predicting that there will be over 830,000 Americans older than 100 years old by 2050.

Aging is mainly caused by oxidation. The process by which we extract energy from food is the same one pushing us to ill health and death. How bleak! But there’s hope. Eating the right foods can keep illness and disease at bay. Here are some of the foods that can help you age successfully.


Avocado contains close to 20 phytonutrients and 20 vitamins in every 50-gram serving. While each of these is important to the body, the vitamins are more useful for anti-aging. Specifically, avocado contains 1 milligram of niacin, or vitamin B3 per a 50-gram serving. Vitamin B3 is important because it is used in the conversion of food to energy, or oxidation. Niacin helps with the production of NAD+ which is an oxidizing agent. By donating electrons to bind free radicles, NAD+ reduces the severity of oxidation on cells, thereby helping to slow down aging.

Green Tea

Green tea is an anti-oxidant of repute. Popularized by the diet of people in Okinawa in Japan where life expectancy is the highest in the world (81 years), green tea has become heavily commercialized. The fame is justified. Green tea has a high concentration of anti-oxidant polyphenol. Specifically, green tea has catechin polyphenols which are powerful sources of electrons which bind with the bind with free radicals produced during oxidation, thereby rendering the radicles harmless.


Natural honey is used as an anti-aging agent both by ingestion and by exfoliation of the skin. Honey is an effective anti-bacterial agent. It kills harmful bacterial on the skin and inside the body. Honey also contains glucose oxidase which helps convert glucose into gluconic acid without the release of free radicals that artificial sweeteners and processed sugars release. Honey, therefore, is a great substitute for sugar.

Other superfoods for anti-aging include broccoli, apples, tomatoes, and spinach. Combining the right diet with exercise is recommended because that ensures you’re burning off excess calories.

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