Talk to Somebody Who Listens – How BetterHelp Cares

The world can feel like an extremely overwhelming place sometimes. There’s a lot of pressure to achieve greatness in your career, get married or start a family in order to prove that you’re living your best life. We want these things, emotionally. We want to find the perfect job, the right partner, the coolest neighborhood to live in and have the most supportive friends who build you up instead of bringing you down. That last part about the friends who have your back, that’s something that can feel like a rare thing to find. When you have people who care about you, hang on to them like a rare gemstone.

Even people who have a solid base of amazing friends and family who are there to call in times of crises can feel alone, scared, angry or at a loss as to what to do when things go wrong. That’s when you seek the help of a therapist. There are people who choose to see a mental health professional in an office and then some folks choose online therapy. is the world’s largest e-counseling platform. Our goal is to make counseling “accessible, affordable, and convenient.”

Okay, but how does it work?

You’re hearing the words “accessible, affordable and convenient,” which make BetterHelp sound appealing, but you might be wondering, how does virtual therapy actually work? The client who chooses to work with an online therapist has many ways to connect with their counselor. They can communicate via messages, chat, phone or use a video chat option. This gives people options as to how to connect with their therapist to get the emotional needs met.

Why Do I Need an Online Therapist?

Just like other parts of your body, your mind needs to be healthy too. If you’ve never been in online therapy, you might be thinking, “Why do I need to talk to someone? I have my friends and family.” While that’s true, your support system isn’t objective. They are directly involved in your world and can’t see things from an outside perspective. They also have their own interests in mind, not because they’re selfish, but they are human. An online counselor’s role is to support you and only you. They provide unconditional care and support to you as your mental health professional because that is what they’re there for. People who go into the field of online counseling do it because they want to help others.

Does it Work?

The short answer to this question is: yes! How do we know that online counseling works so well? People write lovely testimonials to prove it. If you go to the BetterHelp site, there are over 19,000 positive reviews of people’s experiences with BetterHelp. Some people report that BetterHelp has changed their lives.

The Mission of BetterHelp

Above all, the mission of BetterHelp is within the name: to help people. The founder Alon Matas spoke about his goal with the company in an interview with The Huffington Post recently. He is passionate about providing a platform to provide mental health services to anyone who needs them. Through BetterHelp, he wants to honor the way that therapy creates a bond between client and counselor. Matas says: “we are not looking to change the connection between a therapist and a client but to empower them with new effective ways of communication that the technology enable.”

Online counseling can help people get well. It’s a matter of what your emotional goals are and finding the right online counselor for you. Once you’ve figured out whom that person is, you will be able to get to where you need to go in your life.

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