Are You a Bleachorexic?

Bleaching teethDo you Bleach?

Odds are you have probably considered whitening your teeth.  It is even possible that you have used a strip, the blue laser or even bleaching.  As the demand for teeth whitening treatments increases so does the obsession.

But just like other good things, teeth whitening come with some disadvantages too. Having white teeth doesn’t mean you have HEALTHY teeth.  There have been many reported issues of stern side effects associated with teeth whitening treatments which range from mild pain and sensitivity issues to severe tooth damage.

Who’s to blame?

Blame it to the Hollywood stars, supermodels, and TV icons who have amazing smiles.  ORwe could blame the dentists.  While brushing and removing plague is important the trend of WHITE WHITE teeth is not.  However, as a business owner, which most dentists are, why not make a few bucks on a treatment that isn’t going to hurt, the most common of which is bleaching. Lots of people rush to get the treatment without understanding the repercussions tied to teeth bleaching.

whitening stripsThe Treatments?!

Tooth whitening comes in so many forms and these products can be purchased over the counter. Studies show that prolonged bleaching of the teeth damages the gums and the teeth themselves. Many are experiencing tooth sensitivity after applying bleaching solutions. Most teeth whitening products contain Hydrogen Peroxide which should be used with great care and attention. Too much of this compound can severely damage the gums and teeth while too little will do no effect at all. The problem is that most people who use teeth bleaching treatments at home do not pay close attention to the instruction provided by the product manufacturer. They also do not take proper caution. Whereas in the bleaching treatment administered in a clinic, the dentist places a dental dam around the teeth to safeguard the soft and delicate tissues from exposure to harmful chemicals. Just recently, a study by the Georgetown University revealed that hydrogen peroxide from teeth whitening products may cause tongue cancer.

Other people rely on the recommendations from their friends and relatives when choosing or buying teeth whitening products. But just like other medical procedures, seeking advice from the professional is necessary. People have different oral conditions and needs. Incorrect usage and choice of treatment can result to unwanted effects.

There’s also a risk involved even just by using natural teeth whitening remedies. Although it isn’t too dangerous, it can still pose potential side effects. For instance, when people use home remedies like lemon or vinegar to whiten their teeth, they expose their teeth to acid which can wash away the enamel that’s protecting the teeth. Some overdo their efforts to bleach their teeth resulting in worse oral conditions.

There’s nothing wrong in aiming to make your teeth whiter. However, extreme caution is important to ensure that you get the results you want without sacrificing your oral health. Experts say that there’s nothing wrong with teeth whitening as long as the consumers are well educated about the products or treatments they’re using, they can end up choosing the most suitable solutions to make their teeth whiter.

Please remember WHITE TEETH does NOT equal HEALTHY TEETH.  As with all health and fitness related issues lets boil it down to what our priorities are.  If you are looking for healthy teeth the then brush and be healthy, otherwise stay clear of the whitening.

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